Love Is Blind: Zanab Calls Cole A Liar & Abusive On IG

Love Is Blind: Zanab Calls Cole A Liar & Abusive On IG

Love Is Blind season 3 took a vicious and nasty turn on the finale and reunion episodes when Zanab Jaffrey went surprise nuclear on fiancé Cole Barnett. Zanab alleged Cole was emotionally abusive to her throughout their relationship and that Love Is Blind producers decided to hide it all from viewers. Well, Zanab’s claims kind of fell apart when the reunion episode ended. The “cuties scene” completely exonerated Cole in the eyes of fans, who then crowned Zanab the queen villain. Despite getting dragged hard by fans, Zanab posted a “sorry, not sorry” caption on Instagram. Now Zanab calls Cole a liar and abusive again on Instagram by sharing IG stories attacking him.

Before we got to his current junction in the controversy, Zanab blasted Cole in front of family and friends at their wedding day.

“You have disrespected me. You have insulted me. [Cole], you have critiqued me. And for what it is worth you have singlehandedly shattered my self-confidence,” Zanab said, absolutely trashing Cole. She then continued to claim he was abusive throughout their relationship on the reunion episode, also recruiting the other ladies of the cast and Brennon Lemieux to back her up.

“Cole, Cole, it’s great. I’m a liar. I’m bipolar. Like your words to me do not do anything for or to me anymore,” Zanab bashed Cole and tried to stop him from defending himself from her unsubstantiated claims.

Zanab Shares Instagram Stories Claiming Cole Is A Liar & Abusive

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Zanab Chews Out Cole On The Altar

“The pushing food away from me. Asking me if I’m going to eat that. Trying to get me to order a salad. The daily comments about my face and my body were not used. And that’s great for you because it really did protect you. And you’re now denying it, and calling me a liar in front of all these people,” Zanab also said at the reunion. She conveniently forgot she already trashed him in front of their family and friends when she got mad that he accused her of things in front of the cast.

Zanab won’t stop, can’t stop. After taking a category five tropical storm of Love Is Blind season 3 fans’ collective anger online, Zanab posted a faux apology, while simultaneously telling them they’re wrong. Cole was apparently the singlehandedly bad guy in their relationship, according to Zanab.

Zanab's Phony Apology After Love Is Blind Season 3 Reunion & Cuties Scene

After fans were outraged by Zanab’s mischaracterizing the recounting of the Cuties scene, she posted a fan-described phony apology addressing the controversy (Instagram).

Throughout her apology she sarcastically apologized to fans for a range of things she claims she was mischaracterized on. She also didn’t address the infamous “cuties scene” that exonerated Cole from at least her one allegation.

Now, Zanab’s sharing fans bashing Cole for being abusive and a liar on her Instagram stories.

Zanab Instagram Story Claiming Cole Was Abusive On Love Is Blind Season 3

Zanab shared a fans post defending her from “body shaming” and that Cole shouldn’t get “away with that [bleep]”. Another IG story she shared a fan repeated Zanab’s allegations that Cole “constantly shared opinions on” his partner’s body.

Zanab Shares Fans Post Blasting Cole For Calling Her Bipolar And Allegedly Being Abusive Daily

Zanab Shares Interview Where She Continues To Claim Cole Is A Liar & Verbally Abusive

Zanab also reshared an interview with Variety where she trashed Cole’s character and continues to claim he’s abusive.

“I did love him. The things he was saying to me did hurt. I was somehow trying to make myself desirable to him, whether it be skinnier, or… [pauses and takes a deep breath] I’ve never had someone speak to me that way about my body or eating. That was very real for me,” Zanab said in the interview. “I did change what I was eating. I was just eating a banana… It had nothing to do with fitting into my wedding dress.”

In contrast, after watching the cuties scene, many fans think Zanab is the liar, not Cole. Fans agree Cole was completely out of line calling Zanab bipolar. They also found it very shameful that he hit on Colleen Reed at the Malibu ranch pool party. However, there’s been no proof Cole commented on Zanab’s weight from what footage was aired.

Zanab claims the scripted show‘s producers protected Cole by not airing any of it. But why would producers want to hide controversial drama from viewers when making a reality TV show?

Fans aren’t buying it and are playing amateur armchair psychologist on Reddit.

“Playing both sides is a classic narcissist tactic. Its no coincidence either that she was able to manipulate the other girls into harsh bullying behavior directed at Cole. They were fed mistruths and only the things that served her narrative. You could see her rage kick in when Cole said honestly she was a 9/10 (which is an insanely generous compliment I will never receive). It’s to give off a vibe of taking the high road and cling to her collapsing narrative because the alternative is admitting your an awful awful person,” said one Love Is Blind viewer.

Meanwhile, Cole’s enjoying life with friends, sharing goofy videos on his TikTok. Fans also suspect Cole has a new girlfriend! He even posted pics of him with her Goldendoodle dog. Hopefully he cleans up his dirty toilet and apartment before having her over. That said, Cole claims he’s single and is getting a lot of flirty attention the fans.

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