When Is The Below Deck Med Season 7 Finale And Reunion

Find out when the Below Deck Med season 7 finale and reunion episodes will air on Bravo to see what happened to the cast.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 has been a slog to watch for a lot of fans of the Bravo yachting reality TV franchise, but viewers still want to know what happened to the cast.

What exactly happened between Chef Dave White and Chief Stew Natasha Webb, and did they hook up? What happened with Kyle Viljoen’s relationship with charter guest Frank? Why did the deck crew dislike Jason Gaskell so much? Fans have invested this many weeks into watching the season, they need to get some resolution on the never-ending drama. Here’s when Bravo will release the Below Deck Med season 7 finale. And Bravo confirmed Below Deck Med season 7 filmed a reunion episode and suggested who didn’t attend!

Below Deck Med season 7’s final charter starts on episode 18, “Stuck in the Griddle with You”, where new stew replacement Elena Dubaich joins the crew and former NFL stars Dominique Easley and Jordan Reed are charter guests on superyacht Home. The season finale, episode 19, aired on Bravo on Nov. 14 at 8 PM EST.

Finally, each Below Deck season’s finale concludes the same episode of the final charter wrapping up. Thus, the season finale will be episode 19 which Bravo will air on Nov. 14 at 8p.m. EST. Bravo confirmed this at the end of Below Deck Med season 7’s episode 18. Many fans believe it’s the worst season yet of the spinoff, and it dragged on to be the second longest season of the spinoff’s history.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion Episode Announced By Bravo Will Air Next Tuesday

The Below Deck Med reunion episode has always come out one week after the finale episode has aired (except season 1 and 4, where there weren’t reunion episodes). However, Below Deck Med season 7’s reunion episode airs on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 8 PM EST because Below Deck season 10 premieres on Monday at the 8 PM EST timeslot.

Bravo likely struggled to get several of the cast members to come to the reunion, including Jason, Rayan Tyler, Natasha, and Kyle. However, Bravo’s latest article on the reunion fashion looks confirms only Natasha and Jason didn’t attend the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode. However, Natasha submitted a written statement and video that will both be shown on the reunion episode.

Jason deleted his Instagram shortly after blasting the show producers for a bad edit. So it isn’t at all surprising he isn’t joining the crew, especially after the deck crew ostracized him. Meanwhile, Natasha received a deluge of fans dragging her on social media for her alleged lazy leadership, acting, and leading on Chef Dave White.

Somewhat surprisingly, Kyle and Raygan both showed up for the reunion episode.

The preview for the reunion promises a wild conclusion to an overall lackluster season.

Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen promises to hold the cast member’s feet to the fire: “We’re covering the boatmances that rocked the yacht… We’re going through the drama from bow to stern.”

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