Love Is Bind Fans Can’t Stop Hitting On Single Cole

Love Is Bind Fans Can't Stop Hitting On Single Cole

Apparently women really do like a man who criesLove Is Blind season 3 star Cole Barnett is getting a lot of attention from “smoke shows” after his crying apology from the reunion episode. Co-star Bartise Bowden (meanly nicknamed Barftise by unadoring fans) must be green with envy. LIB fans are can’t stop posting thirsty comments on Cole’s Instagram and TikTok posts, as well as DMs. Cole went from villain to prince charming over night in the fluttering eyes of many a fan. And single Cole appears to be basking in all the attention.

His ex fiancée Zanab Jaffrey humiliated him at their wedding day and the season 3 reunion. She charged him with emotional and verbal abuse, which the claimed “singlehandedly shattered” her self-confidence. But she simultaneously insisted she still loved him despite his alleged terrible behavior. That didn’t sit well with a lot of LIB fans who formed #TeamCole. They found his tearful remorse and the Cuties tangerine scene vindicated and exonerated Cole.

Love Is Blind Fans Are Crushing Hard On Cole, Who Says He’s Single

Ladies continue to drool after Cole in his Instagram comments after his redemption arc at the end of Love Is Blind season 3. He’s amassed over 508,000 followers.

“I’m a nice nurse,” said fan Ifra Khan.

“If you don’t find someone hit me up I’m so obsessed,” said obsessed and adoring fan Charlotte Miller.

“Stay happy and bright eyed, Cole. We healthy women love you!” gushed Lucky Madison.

“Cole!! Do you still believe love is blind? If so, can you dm me,” said another forward fan.

“The cutest cutie of them all *ok I’ll c myself out*,” said another.

Cole’s TikTok, which now has 300,000 followers, is much of the same.

“Omg I love you Cole, an absolute gem! Please remain as you are,” said one fan.

“I’m shooting my shot,” said another.

Cole told Us Weekly he’s currently single after the reunion aired but still has “healing” to do before dating again.

There was a fan theory Cole, age 27, had a Dallas realtor girlfriend because of social media posts tying them together. He even recently posted IG pictures with a dog who looks like her Goldendoodle. He may be keeping his relationship on the DL until the frenzy from the show finally dies down.

Cole Follows Some Adoring Fans Back On Instagram


Cole at a Dallas Mavericks game alongside co-star Bartise from Love Is Blind season 3 (Instagram).

Although Cole isn’t quite ready to start dating yet, he’s still started following back some women his buddy Bartise might call “baddies”.

Reality TV star beauties like Southern Charm‘s Madison Lecroy-Randle, Love Is Blind season 2 stars Deepti Vempati and Shaina Hurley, and The Ultimatum‘s Rae Williams all follow Cole and are followed back by him recently. Cole and America’s Got Talent star Lily Meola also follow each other on Instagram and Cole recently shared one of her performances in his stories.

The Ultimatum star Rae Williams Follows Cole On Instagram

Cole and Rae Williams follow each other on Instagram.

Cole also reciprocated following stunning influencers like Swedish influencer Camilla Skalleberg.

Cole could sure spice up Love Is Blind season 3’s After The Altar if he brings a date along.

Despite Cole largely winning over the fairer sex in the court of public opinion, Alexa Alfia (now Lemieux), Brennon Lemieux, and Colleen Reed still maintain he was shady in his relationship with ex fiancée Zanab. Apparently there were multiple times Cole hit on women while engaged to Zanab on the show, according to Brennon. On top of that, many fans forgot Cole told Zanab she was making herself fat (start of episode 5), was less attractive than other female co-stars, commented on her looking starkly different without makeup, she wasn’t his type of attraction, shamelessly hit on Colleen, and called her bipolar (and that’s only what was shown on camera).

Perhaps fans will never know who the real villain was in the relationship because of Love Is Blind ‘s editing. Perhaps they both had their flaws but neither need to be labeled a villain. But one things for sure, people tend to only remember the last note. That, and a man crying can melt a women’s hearts everywhere.

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