Love Is Blind Season 4: Location City, Release Date, Cast, Hosts & Filming Dates

Love Is Blind Season 4's Location City, Filming & Release Dates, More

Love Is Blind season 4 is hotly anticipated by fans of Netflix’s reality TV experiment dating show. Love is Blind season 3 was full of “razzle dazzle” drama that’s continuing well after the reunion episode with the latest SK cheating allegations and law action threats. Fans now need to know everything they can about Love Is Blind season 4’s location city, filming dates, release dates, potential cast members and more.

Netflix hasn’t announced the premiere date for Love Is Blind season 4 yet. But, Love Is Blind seasons 1 and 2 were both released right before Valentine’s Day in 2020 and 2022. Those dates indicate a strong likelihood Netflix releases season 4 just before Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2023 (when single ladies are craving a show on finding love). Love Is Blind season 1 premiered on Thursday, Feb. 13, 2022. Meanwhile, Netflix released the first batch of Love Is Blind season 2 episodes on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022. Valentine’s Day 2023 falls on a Tuesday, so the best prediction from past premiere release dates of Netflix’s hit reality TV dating show suggests season 4 will premiere on Friday, Feb. 10.

The following new episodes for a Love Is Blind season are released a week apart from each other. The past three seasons had a total of four episode batches each. If the trend from Love Is Blind season 2 continues, the After The Altar episodes will get released around six months after the show’s finale and reunion air.

Although some fans wanted season 1’s Lauren and Cameron Speed, married celebs Nick and Vanessa Lachey are still the hosts for Love Is Blind seasons 4 and 5.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Location Likely In Seattle, But Could Be Houston

LIB fans are convinced season 4 must be set in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Washington. Local news outlet Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported back in May, 2022, Love Is Blind‘s production company Kinetic Content was filming with cast members in the area. On top of that, diehard LIB fans on Reddit posted claims they know people in Seattle tied to season 4’s cast.

Love Is Blind seasons 2 and 3 were filmed back-to-back in the spring of 2021, and it appears seasons 4 and 5 started filming in early spring 2022. That means Seattle could be the fifth season, instead. Houston, Texas, is the other city location possible for season 4. Twitter was abuzz with Houstonians tweeting about Kinetic Content hosting auditions in their city for Love Is Blind back in April, 2022. Love Is Blind season 2 filmed from April to June according to cast member Natalie Lee. Love Is Blind season 3 started filming back in March, so just because one season films before another doesn’t necessarily mean it gets aired first. Seattle will be the first season on the west coast, though. The previous three seasons were Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas in chronological order.

Whether the next season is in Houston or Seattle, the start of season 4 will be filmed in Santa Clarita, California, where the pods were moved permanently. It’s unclear if the romantic getaway will continue to be filmed in Malibu, like in season 3. The first two romantic trips after the reveals were in Mexico.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Member Possibilities

A possible Love Is Blind season 4 cast member based on Instagram followers tied to the show (Instagram).

Netflix will release the Love Is Blind season 4 cast close to its premiere. However, some show production crew followed a bunch of young single people from Seattle on Instagram in the same time period. These same Seattleites follow each other as well, strongly suggesting they were likely casted for the show. One possible cast member, based on associations on Instagram, is a realtor, one of the most common jobs of reality TV contestants.

“There is quite a bit of diversity in the casting. We certainly have no control nor does anyone else in terms of who connects with who and which of those relationships move on to the next level,” Nick Lachey told Women’s Health about the casting for latter seasons of LIB.

Another possible Love Is Blind season 4 cast member (Instagram).

Real Estate Businessman Suspected to Be Casted On Love Is Blind Season 4

A possible Love Is Blind season 4 cast member based on followers tied to show production (Instagram).

Suspected Love Is Blind season 4 Cast Member

Another suspected cast member on Love is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Possible Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Member From Seattle

Could this be another Love Is Blind season 4 cast member (Instagram)?

Kinetic Content Is Casting For Love Is Blind Season 6, 7, 8, & 9

LIB fans will also be thrilled to hear Kinetic Content is casting for Love Is Blind seasons 6, 7, 8 and 9! The reality TV production company released a casting call for singles in the cities of Detroit, Michigan, Tampa, Florida, Washington DC, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

While fans wait for Love Is Blind season 4 and Love Is Blind season 3’s After The Altar to air there’s other similar show they can watch. International spinoffs Love Is Blind Japan and Love Is Blind Brazil are quite popular, too. Also, LIB‘s production company also produces Married At First Sight, which involves marriage experts matching couples to get married the first time they meet. Married At First Sight is also wildly successful with 16 seasons!

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