What Happened To Sierra After Below Deck Season 4

What Happened To Sierra After Below Deck Season 4

Third stewardess Sierra Storm got a bad rap on Below Deck season 4. Deckhand Kyle Dixon turned very nasty after Sierra politely rejected his advances to try and date her. Furthermore, She was a green stew who was getting filmed as she tried to learn the ropes. Bosun Kelley Johnson repeatedly talked down about her being both dumb and crazy. Meanwhile, many fans would argue Kelley had is own foolish and immature moments on the show. Despite the negativity, Sierra persevered and made it through the tough charter season. So what happened to Sierra after Below Deck season 4?

Admittedly, Sierra did have a few blonde moments on the show. One hilarious example involved her bringing Captain Lee Rosbach Tylenol when he wanted her to prepare some painkiller cocktails. Show editors also didn’t help Sierra’s profile by highlighting how she dropped out of college a few times and missed her flight, so she was late for the first charter. That said, she helped out Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain and Second Stewardess Emily Warburton-Adams enough that the interior team did exceptionally well compared to the previous charter seasons. The only major controversy she got tied up in was when Kyle, out of spite, accused of her being transphobic after she shut him down after she begrudgingly agreed to go out on a date with him. However, Kyle would later claim to Radar Online Sierra also called his transwoman girlfriend “mannish” while filming the charter season.

Captain Lee wasn’t a fan of Sierra, either, saying she was too distracted by petty squabbles with Kate, Kyle and Kelley. He also said she was immature and called her out for failing to keep her radio on her person at all times.

What Happened To Sierra After Below Deck Season 4?

Sierra and the rest of the Below Deck season 4 crew filmed the charter season back in 2015. A lot has changed in the last nine years for the blonde beauty. Fans in late 2022 noticed Sierra’s now-deleted LinkedIn profile showed she had left the yachting industry a while back and now works as a flight attendant for a private airline, serving rich CEOs and politicians.

Despite her detractors saying she wasn’t too bright, Sierra proved them all wrong. She worked as a chief stewardess in the yachting industry for years after the show, including superyacht Antares. She also previously worked as a flight stewardess on VistaJet.

Sierra Storm’s Instagram boasts over 7,600 followers, however she keeps it private. However, her Facebook profile states she still live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After the show she remained close to co-stars Lauren Burchell and Emily Warburton-Adams. She also likes to fish, hike and continues to be into nutrition and yoga.

Former Below Deck season 4 stewardess Sierra Storm back in 2021

Former Below Deck season 4 stewardess Sierra Storm back in 2021 (Facebook).

Sierra, now age 34, had nearly a decade of experience working in the yachting industry. Despite Kelley and Kate bashing Sierra for being pretty but not intelligent, she ended up doing quite well for herself. Unfortunately, Bravo producers didn’t give her another chance to prove her now seasoned experience in the yachting industry. Sierra wasn’t casted in any of the following episodes of Below Deck and isn’t part of the new Below Deck season 11 cast either.

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