What Happened To Below Deck Season 4’s Cast After The Show

What Happened To Below Deck Season 4 Cast After The Show

Bravo really hit its stride by the time Below Deck season 4 originally aired on the network back in late 2016. Wild stewardess Raquel “Rocky” Dakota shocked fans with her antics the previous season, even briefly joining the list of Below Deck cast members who quit the show when she dramatically jumped off the boat. Season 4 brought lots more drama, with Captain Lee Rosbach, Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain, and former Below Deck season 2’s Second Engineer Kelley Johnson returned as the bosun. But nearly a decade later, what happened to Below Deck season 4’s cast after the show?

While sailing in the stunning US Virgin Islands on superyacht Valor, Captain Lee and the crew faced a lot of challenges. Senior Deckhand Trevor Walker let his tiny bit of power and the fact he was a former hair model go to his head. He drove Kelley nuts because he barked orders and micromanaged deckhands Lauren Burchell and Nico Scholly. He was a terrible drunk on crew nights out, too. It didn’t take him long to join the now long list of fired Below Deck crew members.

Nico had is own struggles trying to let Lauren down easy when she developed unrequited feelings for her fellow deckhand. He also struggled taking a leadership role. Meanwhile, Chef Ben Robinson dealt with demanding charter guests with absurd requests. However, he was richly rewarded by lots of female attention, yet again. He ended up courting English rose, Second Stewardess Emily Warburton-Adams. Third Stewardess Sierra Storm liked Ben, too, but he wasn’t interested. Instead, she led on replacement deckhand Kyle Dixon a bit, but he then accused her of being transphobic after she rejected him. Kyle then revealed he was dating a transwoman Ashley and she came to visit later on in the season.

What Happened To Below Deck Season 4’s Cast: Bosun Kelley Johnson

Bosun Kelley Johnson hitting on Below Deck season 4 charter guest Kelsey

Bosun Kelley Johnson hitting on Below Deck season 4 charter guest Kelsey (Bravo).

Kelley didn’t have the greatest charter season. Between not getting laid for five months before the season started, to getting rejected by Emily, his ego was bruised. It didn’t help that Captain Lee wasn’t all that impressed with his leadership skills, either. He never starred on the show again.

However, apparently Kelley was invited back for another charter season. But he wasn’t impressed with how much money Below Deck crew get paid on the show and declined. “You know, for me, I would do another season. And I’ve been asked back. It’s just the monetary aspect. And the stress you go through,” Kelley explained to Showbiz CheatSheet.

Even though Captain Lee didn’t always see eye-to-eye with Kelley, he got plenty of yachting work after the show. Kelley’s Instagram even revealed he became good friends and work colleagues with Below Deck Med season 5 star Alex Radcliffe. Before getting back into yachting though, Kelley worked for years as a therapist and support advocate for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Fans will recall, Trevor drunkenly claimed Kelley had PTSD from being in the Marine Corps. Kelley also raised awareness by creating YouTube videos on his now defunct channel The Military Guy, where he gave life advice on managing stress and anxiety to his viewers.

Besides now working as a the captain on Ship of Fools, a 68′ Viking, Kelley also works as a professional photographer, and he often posts photos of stunning wilderness landscapes and wildlife.

Although Kelley had some strong flirtations with charter guest Kelsey on season 4, the two didn’t end up together. He also, prior, had a nasty breakup with Below Deck season 2 stewardess Jennice Ontiveros.

Kelley's wife Nicole Viljoen Johnson posing for the camera

Kelley’s wife Nicole Viljoen Johnson posing for the camera (Instagram).

Kelley now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his South African wife and former model Nicole Viljoen Johnson, who he recently married in the last couple years. They lived with his dog Gizmo, who sadly passed away  no too long ago. However, they still live with his wife’s eight ferrets named Charlie, Panda, Ace, Alfie, Adora, Benson, Miss Noodle and Maverick. Their ferrets, called The Noodles, even have their own Instagram account.

What Happened To Below Deck Season 4’s Cast: Kate Chastain

Proud mom Kate Chastain with her baby boy Sullivan

Proud mom Kate Chastain with her baby boy Sullivan (Instagram).

Chief Stew Kate had a relatively easy job on season 4 because she had lots of help. However, Ben and Kate still bickered a bunch due to the sexual tension between them. This season, Kate revealed she was dating her girlfriend Ro Hernandez, who made an appearance on the show. Things soured between the lesbian couple after the show, though. Things got so bad Ro called the police. Kate ended up charged with domestic assault, and she joined the list of Below Deck cast members arrested. Eventually the charges were dropped.

Kate continued to work three more seasons on Below Deck. But she reached the end her rope after the Bru Crew bullied her in Thailand on Below Deck season 7, airing back in 2019.

Since then, Kate did spinoff talk shows on Bravo and still remains good friends with Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen. She even moved to NYC for a time to pursue a career in radio. However, the pandemic hit and things soured, so she ended up moving back down to Florida. Most recently, Kate created and hosted Couch Talk With Captain Lee and Kate, where the two rewatch Bravo shows and give commentary.


Halo’s heard this speech before

? original sound – Kate Chastain

Kate, now age 41, also made a lot of money investing in crypto currency back in its heyday. Kate has since had a baby boy, Sullivan, although the paternity of the child is still a mystery. But fans are convinced Chef Ben is the father. Speaking of Ben, the two still reunite as two of the stars on Galley Talk, where former Below Deck stars watch the latest episodes of Below Deck and give color commentary.

Kate also loves to show off her adorable newborn on her Instagram and TikTok.

The former yachtie has also got back into reality TV. She’s starred on the first two seasons of Peacock’s The Traitors, a gameshow where competitors try to deceive one another to try to win $250,000.


? original sound – Kate Chastain

What Happened To Below Deck Season 4’s Cast: Captain Lee Rosbach

Sadly, Captain Lee received forced retirement from Bravo after filming Below Deck season 10 back in 2022. Perhaps it was for the best as Captain Lee missed most of the season due to serious health issues. Despite getting replaced on the Below Deck season 11 cast, the OG captain isn’t slowing down. He’s starring as the host of true crime murder mystery show Deadly Waters coming out on Oxygen in late 2024. Captain Lee, ever entrepreneurial even at age 74, started a podcast in the fall of 2023 called Salty with Captain Lee.

Back in 2019. Captain Lee also released his hit book, Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea (available on Amazon). Show Star News has reviewed his book and we highly recommend it for anyone interested in the wild stories of Captain Lee’s extraordinary life in the yachting industry, as well as learning about how he became a reality TV star and previous dangerous jobs he worked.

Captain Lee and his wife Mary Anne at an event together

Captain Lee and his wife Mary Anne attending an event together (Instagram).

Sadly the same year as his book came out, Captain Lee’s son died of a drug overdose. The death of one of his four children took a strong toll on Captain Lee. He’s since advocated for addiction funding in Washington and created his own charity to help those suffering from addiction.

Captain Lee still keeps in close touch with many of his former co-stars. He appears exceptionally close to Chef Ben, Kate and Eddie Lucas. Despite rumors and Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott throwing shade about him being too old to work in yachting still, Captain Lee is still in tip top shape. He hits the gym two hours a day, every day. He’s also still happily married to his wife, Mary Anne, for 48 years now. They still live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and recently got renovations done on their home.

Sierra Storm Now Works As A Flight Attendant

Below Deck season 4 star Sierra Storm working as the third stewardess

Below Deck season 4 star Sierra Storm working as the third stewardess (Bravo).

Third stewardess Sierra Storm got a pretty bad edit from production if you ask fans. They portrayed the then green stew as dumb, like when Captain Lee asked for painkillers (the cocktail) and she came back with Tylenol. Well, she had the last laugh when she became a chief stewardess on yachts for years, working on superyacht Antares. And she now works as a flight stewardess, at one point working for VistaJet. She retired from yachting back in 2021 and now works for a private airline serving CEOs and politicians. She’s also still passionate about yoga and nutrition.

Sierra’s Instagram is private, so there isn’t a lot else know about what she’s been up to since the show. While age 26 on the show, she’s 34 in 2024. Find out more about what happened to Sierra Storm here.

Nico Scholly Works As A Plummer And In A Committed Relationship

Below Deck season 4 and 5 star Nico with his fiancée Brianna

Below Deck season 4 and 5 star Nico with his fiancée Brianna (Instagram).

Deckhand Nico Scholly impressed Captain Lee with his hard work ethic on Below Deck season 4. He promoted him to Lead Deckhand on Below Deck season 5. Unfortunately the captain grew to regret his decision. Nico, dealing with the grief of his brother recently dying. Nico’s brother tragically died after he fell from a balcony after a night of drinking. A grieving Nico ended up having a very rough charter season where he ended up cheating on his then-girlfriend Melissa with Second Stewardess Brianna Adekeye.

On top of that, his absent-mindedness and lack of leadership experience forced Captain Lee to call in Bosun EJ Jansen to lead the deck team for part of the charter season.

Since the show, Nico’s matured a lot since leaving the show at age 24. He’s now in his early 30s and met the love of his life, Briana Boyer, six years ago. Nico is settled in Chicago with his fiancée, after he proposed in Cabo and they’re planning their destination wedding in Cancun.

Nico also joined the family construction business as a plumber. The family also founded the Tristen Scott Foundation supporting and promoting organ donation.

What Happened To Trevor Walker After Below Deck Season 4?

“I modelled for Paul Mitchell for two years almost,” Trevor said while drunk on a crew night out. The senior deckhand only lasted four episode on Below Deck season 4 before Captain Lee gave him the boot. However, Trevor failed upwards, getting hired to work as a bosun again shortly after his early departure on season 4.

Trevor keeps a low profile online, however he did appear on the Below Deck 100th episode reunion episode. Nico said he was getting his [bleep] together and has a son and partner now. Trevor’s Facebook profile shows he continued to work in the yachting industry and loves raising his son Kai along with his wife, who also worked in the yachting industry.

It’s unclear if he’s done any more hair modeling since the show.

Below Deck Season 4 Deckhand Lauren Burchell Is Now A Health Coach

Lauren and her boyfriend Oli Seymour at a wedding

Lauren and her boyfriend Oli Seymour at a wedding (Instagram).

After the show, Lauren became a certified physical therapist and holistic coach. Lauren’s Instagram includes lots of tips and tricks for people to build healthy habits to self-actualize their best sevles. Lauren’s website HOLIFIT offers one-on-one coaching, as well as recpies and product recommendations. She’s also in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Oli Seymour, who’s originally from New Zealand.

Kyle Dixon Started A Business After Starring Below Deck For Two Seasons

Chef Kyle Dixon cooking up a storm

Chef Kyle Dixon cooking up a storm (Instagram).

Deckhand Kyle Dixon took a lot of heat from Below Deck fans for how he lashed out at Sierra on Below Deck season 4. However, they did give him points for being open about his relationship with a transwoman. Kyle returned as a deckhand on Below Deck season 5 where his relationship with his trans girlfriend Ashley unraveled. He then tried to rekindle his relationship with the mother of his two daughters, Florence and Willow.

Kyle’s Instagram shows some recent pictures of him with his daughters and their mom, suggesting they may be a couple again. Before going on the show, Kyle was a a soldier in the British military. He suffered mental health and anxiety issues after his time on the show, and also recovered from Alcoholism. He also got a service dog, a German Shephard named Luna.

Kyle also started his own business, a private boat charter business called Meerkat Madness. In 2023 he started working as a chef, too. He also starred on the documentary television show Smuggled, where Brits test border security by trying to smuggle themselves into the UK.

Chef Ben Robinson Got Engaged & Is Still A Private Chef

Chef Ben proposing to his long-term girlfriend Kiara

Chef Ben proposing to his long-term girlfriend Kiara (Instagram).

After Below Deck season 4, Chef Ben Robinson worked on the spinoff Below Deck Mediterranean season 1. He then retired from working on the reality TV show, but returned on Below Deck Med season 4 to finish out the charter season after Russian Chef Mila Kolomeitseva was fired.

Chef Ben dated Below Deck season 4 co-star and Second Stewardess Emily Warburton-Adams for a while after the show. However, they grew apart and eventually broke up due to the long-distance. Ben still lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he works as a private chef. Emily did move in to live and work with him for a year.

“So I went and stayed with him, and I met his brother [James Robinson], et cetera. I didn’t go back to working on yachts, but Ben and I toured around the States, and we’d do private events together. So I’d be his little sidekick cook, service staff, and then he’d do all the cooking. It was a lot of fun,” Emily told Bravo.

Chef Ben, now age 43, is now engaged to his long-term girlfriend and stunning blonde model Kiara Cabral, 29. The two started dating back in early 2020 and even traveled to Rome last year together.

The celebrity chef still works as a private chef as well as a health consultant. Below Deck fans can even book Chef Ben to cook for them, however, he doesn’t come cheap. Chef Ben also makes appearances and works on major cruise ships as the head chef.

What Happened To Emily Warburton-Adams After Below Deck Season 4

Fur baby mama Emily Warburton-Adams with her dog Misty

Fur baby mama Emily Warburton-Adams with her dog Misty (Instagram).

Emily returned back to London after her breakup with Ben back in 2017. She still lives there today, and started POWFood, a nutritional catering company she built with her mom Ali Warburton. The sister-mom duo have been successfully running the cater business for several years now.

Emily and Ben still remain friends, however, and she says she will always love him.

Emily and her boyfriend Charles posing for photos together as a couple

Emily and her boyfriend Charles posing for photos together as a couple (Instagram).

Emily’s Instagram shows she’s been dating her boyfriend Charles Wrigley since at least the start of 2022. The two appear to be very close, cooking, traveling and doing everything together. Emily, now age 29, is also a fur baby mom to her dog named Misty.

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