Below Deck: Eddie Lucas Reveals Girlfriend & New Home He Bought

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas has finally shared who his new girlfriend is that he spoke to in season 9. Eddie has really matured from his early days in reality TV. He just bought his first home in Baltimore, where he’s lived for years. And he even shared the life milestone by making his relationship with his girlfriend Instagram official.

Below Deck Star Eddie Lucas With His Girlfriend & New Home
Below Deck OG and First Officer Eddie Lucas bought a new home. He decided to share the news by also making his relationship with his girlfriend Instagram official. Fans first learned of his girlfriend on Below Deck season 9 when he had a phone conversation with her (Instagram).

In the emotional post, Eddie thanked his family for their support in this important step in his life, as well as his unnamed girlfriend.

“I’m sorry I have been quiet but I have been busy hitting a major milestone in my life… I bought a house! I am so thankful for friends and family who has supported me during this time, especially this wonderful woman who has put up with me and supported me during this stressful time. Thank you babe ??.”

It looks like Eddie and his girlfriend, Natalie Inada, have decided she won’t take part in the spotlight. Eddie’s girlfriend also isn’t tagged in the post. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Eddie, age 36 while on season 9, is taking his relationship seriously. On the Below Deck season 9 reunion, Eddie talked a little bit about his girlfriend on the Below Deck season 9 reunion, mentioning she’s half-Brazilian, half-Japanese. He also posted another photo with his girlfriend while at an engagement party for friends.

Eddie with his girlfriend at an engagement party (Instagram).

Eddie also included the area of Baltimore he bought his home, Hampden. The neighborhood is the trendiest in the city, with great restaurants, art shops and bars.

Eddie Regrets Cheating On His Previous Girlfriend Amy With Rocky

Back in Below Deck season 3, Eddie made the mistake of cheating on his then-girlfriend “Amy”. He repeatedly hooked up with the wild siren mermaid Rocky Dakota in the laundry room. Not only was Captain Lee extremely disappointed in his bosun, Eddie didn’t come back for the next season because he tried to mend things with his girlfriend Amy.

It turned out the relationship was irreparable, and in Below Deck season 9 Eddie mentioned how he regretted his actions in season 3 because he lost someone he really cared about. Despite Eddie’s remorse, it should be noted in season 3 he was feeling insecure in his relationship with Amy. In one of several phone arguments with his then-girlfriend, he brought up how she needed to make it up to him for cheating on him while he was away for a previous yachting charter season.

Although Eddie looks to be maturing now that he’s in his late thirties, he almost fell back into his old bad habits on season 9. Chief Stew Heather Chase twerking in the hot tub was almost too much a temptation for Eddie to resist. He drunkenly picked her up over his shoulder and dumped her into the hot tub. Looks like he’s a sucker for blondes.

Despite his moment of weakness, he ended the night early and told his girlfriend about his minor indiscretion. It didn’t look like the conversation ended well that night, but the rest of the season Eddie seems to have behaved himself, growing into his senior rank of first officer.

Eddie Promotes His Realtor Cousin Who Helped Him Buy His First Home

Eddie followed up his post revealing his new home and girlfriend by recommending his cousin Deacon for anyone looking to buy real estate in Boston.

Eddie was grateful for his cousin’s guidance in navigating a hot housing market. A lot of fans didn’t just think the real estate market is hot.

Perhaps Eddie could teach a thing or two to Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger about maturity. The Brit, throughout season 9, equivocated about his relationship with fiancé Paris.

Jake’s now single after saying he was recently dumped. He may have regrets about his promiscuousness while on Below Deck if this ex-girlfriend is indeed Paris.

Even though Eddie stayed away from temptation this time around, he didn’t quite avoid trouble. Deckhand Rayna Lindsey is accusing Eddie of “assassinating” her character, not taking her complaint about Heather using the N-word seriously, and insulting the LGBTQ community.

Before Below Deck fans cast judgment, lets hope Eddie gets a fair hearing on the season 9 reunion episode.

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