Fans Celebrate Camille’s Firing On Below Deck Season 10

Fans Celebrate Camille's Firing On Below Deck Season 10

Fans are figuratively popping champagne over Camille’s firing on Below Deck season 10. Throughout the start of the charter season the former American Idol contestant Camille Lamb took every opportunity as a stew-deckhand to avoid doing work. It appeared at times like she was trying to have her own Caribbean vacation in Saint Lucia. Chief Steward Fraser Olender’s lack of leadership in taking charge of the situation only emboldened the devil-may-care diva’s antics on superyacht St. David. He largely ignored or was oblivious to the major deficiency of his interior team and let his Second Stewardess Alissa Humber shoulder the major laziness and sass from Camille. Now fans are rejoicing after Captain Sandy Yawn finally fired Camille for her repeated insubordination and lack of work ethic.

Here’s a quick recounting of Camille’s most egregious behavior before we get into the commentary on Camille’s firing. From the get-go, Camille tried her best to hang out with the deckhand team standing around. She constantly shirked off duties doing laundry and housekeeping for interior. Early on she went swimming instead of helping set up for a beach picnic. Captain Lee Rosbach failed to notice the wayward worker before he left the charter season early. The OG captain was suffering health issues due to back surgery, so he couldn’t observe and keep a tight ship like he usually does.

Camille, lacking supervision from the captain and Fraser, who was overwhelmed with his new duties as chief stew, took every opportunity to neglect her job. She took naps on the deck team and fooled around with Australian Deckhand Ben Willoughby while charter guests were on board.

Fans Celebrate Camille’s Firing On Below Deck & Laugh At Her Shock At News

Camille smiling after receiving praise from Captain Sandy for working harder on the latest charter

Camille also used her “floater” role as a way to say no to orders from Alissa. She also yelled, swore and talked back to both her direct bosses, Fraser and Bosun Ross McHarg. She also got busted for lying a Captain Sandy giving her a 30-minute break. After Captain Sandy gave her an ultimatum to shape up or ship out, she pulled up her socks a bit. However, she couldn’t keep up the charade for long. She got into a huge argument in front of guests with Alissa because she again dismissed orders from her superiors.

After the charter ended, Camille proceeded to get incredibly intoxicated and even started a fight with Stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto. The next day she rushed to get her work duties done, failing to get the job up to superyacht standards, so she could pop open charter guest champagne. She proceeded to drink on the job well into the night.

Finally Fraser put his foot down and had Captain Sandy fire Camille at the end of episode 8. Camille’s lack of awareness of her firing had fans in stitches, as they celebrated the bratty yachtie finally getting a reality check.

Camille started trending on Twitter with nearly 10,000 tweets about the slacking songstress.

Below Deck Reddit fans were just as jubilant.

“I’m just here for Camille drinking Veuve on the job while on probation,” one fan said.

“Lmao can’t stand the girl. But you have to admit her last day on the boat was a vibe,” another added.

“Y’all think Camille was really surprised? Part of me thinks she assumed she would be safe since she was causing drama and it’s a TV show. She tended to forget they were there to actually work,” said another fan.

Despite some fans excitement that Camille finally walked the plank, others felt Alissa should be fired too.

Will Camille Attend Below Deck Season 10’s Reunion Episode?

Camille hasn’t posted anything to Instagram since news broke she gets fired on the show. However, the previous week Camille hosted a Q&A with fans where she defended her work ethic. She said her one regret on the show was hooking up with Ben in the same cabin where Deckhand Tony Duarte was trying to sleep on the bottom bunk. Despite her firing, there are signs Camille and Ben are still together after the show.

Meanwhile, Alissa claimed Camille is racist as [bleep] on Instagram because of their interactions on the boat.

Although recent fan-dragged cast members Natasha Webb (chief stew on Below Deck Med season 7) and Ashley Marti (stew on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3) declined to participate in their respective reunion shows, Camille may buck the trend. Fans suspect the aspiring songwriter originally from Mississippi will want to defend herself and continue to gain fame. One things for certain, Camille did a good job in the drama department.

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