Alissa Tells Ben Camille Showed ‘Racist’ Behavior On Below Deck

Alissa Tells Ben Camille Showed 'Racist' Behavior On Below Deck

Second Stewardess Alissa Humber came out swinging on her Instagram stories late Wednesday night. The Below Deck season 10 star posted DMs she sent Australian Deckhand Ben Willoughby telling him to not take his boatmance crush Camille Lamb’s side on their work feud playing out on the latest episodes of the show. Also in her response, Alissa told Ben Camille is “racist as [bleep]” because “she doesn’t want a black woman” giving her orders.

The whole off-the-boat brouhaha erupted after Ben hosted an Instagram stories Q&A. He told Below Deck fans why he’s on team Camille in the clash between the two stews.

Camille Freaking Out And Yelling At Alissa After Captain Sandy Threatened to Fire Her On Below Deck Season 10

Camille yelling at Alissa and crying after Captain Sandy threatened to fire her on Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

“You’re gonna find out my feelings about Alissa very shortly.” Ben said in a video clip.  “I think [Alissa] getting a second stew position has very much gone to her head, and she’s using it against Camille, which is just savage, and it’s not okay.” He said that Camille’s talking back to Alissa was justified because she was sticking up for herself.

When Alissa saw his defense of Camille she wasn’t having any of it.

Are Ben & Camille Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Ben posted pictures of him with Camille with a caption about their boatmance recently on Instagram.

Below Deck Season 10’s Alissa Tells Ben Camille Is ‘Racist’ & His Opinion Is Biased

Below Deck Season 10 Stewardess Alissa Humber's Messages to Ben About Camille

Below Deck season 10 star Alissa’s DMs to Ben about him taking Camille’s side in their on-air workplace feud (Instagram).

Alissa sent some scathing DMs to Ben she posted on her Instagram to tell her side of the story.

“Lmao do yourself a favor and stop talking about me. Legitimately don’t need to explain myself because your opinion is biased but Camille started arguing and having an attitude the very first night. [She] was extremely rude while I just wanted to do my work. Of course after many talks and forgivings and changes to accommodate her, I started to match her energy [because] I’m not gonna sit there and let her scream at me every time she decides,” Alissa told Ben.

Camille apologizing to Alissa on the show

Camille apologizing to Alissa on the show (Bravo).

“[You’re] literally living a delusion [because] your girl is racist as [bleep] and doesn’t want a black woman to give her two tasks at the end of the night. Never once tried to manage her, the only time I assigned tasks were at night [from pre-approved instructions from Fraser],” Alissa added.

On episode 7, “Eat me in Seven Different Languages”, Captain Sandy Yawn gave Camille and ultimatum to shape up or ship out on the charter with Karan and the other rude charter guests. Camille also gave Alissa a forced apology from Captain Sandy’s orders.

“So I really just wanted to apologize and take full responsibility for my actions. And I don’t want you to have to walk around the boat and feel like theirs any animosity and unwelcomed. And I just wanted to apologize to you and really try to move forward on a real positive note,” Camille told Alissa.

Camille smiling after receiving praise from Captain Sandy for working harder on the latest charter

Camille smiling after receiving praise from Captain Sandy for working harder on the latest charter (Bravo).

Alissa Told Another Below Deck Podcast About Camille’s Aggressive ‘Intimidating’ Behavior

Alissa from Below Deck Season 10

The buried hatchet didn’t stay under ground for long. By the end of episode 7 Alissa and Camille were yelling at each other in front of the guests. Camille had refused to do another task asked of her. Below Deck season 10 fans are bashing Camille’s laziness. On an Instagram Q&A, Camille defended her work ethic and attitude on the show. Clues suggest Camille gets fired by Captain Sandy soon, and episode 8 is ominously titled “The Captain and Camille”. Alissa’s last DM to Ben also perhaps alludes to Camille getting fired.

“But keep thinking it’s because she’s going through a lot and not like she created a whole mess of confusion to try to stay as long as she could without doing any work,” Alissa wrote.

On Another Below Deck Podcast, Alissa elaborated on the rude behavior she allegedly received from Camille that didn’t make it on the show.

“So [on] night one, where, she wasn’t stomping her feet, which ended up being shown. She was cursing at me, she was gripping the rail so that it seemed like she was angry. She was tapping the pen so [telegraphing] ‘move on, you’re wasting my time.’ It’s very intimidating, she was intimidating me. So at that point when I started to feel intimidated, it’s like okay, I’m not really vibing with you.”

Alissa didn’t accuse Camille of being racist on the podcast that aired on Dec. 31. But she did say her mental health was affected from their interactions on the job.

“I was sacrificing my mental health to try and be her boss,” Alissa said, saying she had a lot of anxiety working with the Mississippi-native songwriter and former American Idol contestant.

Alissa also found it disappointing Chief Steward Fraser Olender didn’t back her up. So far Camille hasn’t responded to the latest “racist” accusation thrown at her by Alissa.

One things for certain, though, the Below Deck season 10 reunion episode will be full of diva drama.

Below Deck Fans Call Camille Lazy & Want Her Fired

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