Captain Lee Confirms His Below Deck Return On Season 10

2023Captain Lee Confirms Below Deck Return On Season 10

The OG captain will make a triumphant return on Below Deck season 10. Captain Lee Rosbach announced on Twitter he will be back to finish the job he started commanding the crew on superyacht St. David in Saint Lucia.

“Yes I will be back this season and finish what I started,” Captain Lee, age 73, told a fan on Tuesday.

Captain Lee fought back tears as he told his crew he had to give himself a plane ticket home early into the Below Deck season 10’s charter season. The Floridian septuagenarian struggled throughout the start of the charter season due to his recovery after undergoing spinal surgery at the end of 2021. His return after surgery for severe spinal stenosis was probably too premature due to Below Deck season 10 filming starting weeks after his surgery. Captain Lee’s persisting health issues showed. His mobility was limited and he had to use crutches and a cane when not bedridden.

Captain Lee Tells The Below Deck Season 10 Crew He's Leaving Early

Captain Lee Tells the Below Deck season 10 crew he’s leaving early from show (Bravo).

Fans Excited For Captain Lee Below Deck Return Season 10

Captain Lee Walking On Crutches On Below Deck Season 10

The announcement of Captain Lee’s Below Deck return is exciting fans of the Bravo show. Viewers were worried their beloved Captain Lee might retire.

“Best news I’ve heard all week!” said one jubilant fan.

“Happy you are doing better and can’t wait for your return! Sandy’s ok but miss you!” another chimed in.

Despite fans excitement of Captain Lee’s return on season 10, we still don’t know if he’ll be back for Below Deck season 11. Show production still hadn’t told him in December if they wanted him back for the next season! The original Below Deck series films at the start of the year, usually beginning in mid to late January. Fans will have to wait for any spotting of the Below Deck season 11 crew in the Caribbean in 2023.

One things for sure, though, Captain Lee is fit enough to once again helm a superyacht. He did months of physical therapy, massage therapy and clinician to fully recover from his back surgery. Captain Lee now works out daily to keep himself strong and fit.

“The outpouring of sympathy was just overwhelming,” Rosbach said in a health update statement. “I don’t consider myself a celebrity or a reality TV star. I’m just a captain that does this job, happens to get filmed while I’m doing it. And then when something like that happens, and you see the reaction to the fans, you realize the responsibility you have and how many people’s lives you actually touch in a great way. So it’s humbling, to say the least.”

Captain Lee’s made recent public appearances at BravoCon 2022 and on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live where he’s been back to his chipper self.

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