Signs Captain Lee Returns On Below Deck Season 11

Does Captain Lee Return On Below Deck Season 11

Below Deck season 10 is only in its first four episodes, but fans are already wondering about who’s starring in Below Deck season 11. Captain Lee Rosbach struggled throughout the start of the newest charter season aboard superyacht St. David, hobbling around with a cane or crutches. Well, Captain Lee certainly has a clean bill of health now than when he filmed season 10. The OG captain was recovering from spinal surgery for severe spinal stenosis when he abruptly left the crew. He lacked mobility and suffered severe nerve pain. Fans are outraged Below Deck Med‘s Captain Sandy Yawn replaces Captain Lee for the rest of season 10. They hope she isn’t his permanent replacement for the Below Deck flagship show. Fans are wondering if Captain Lee returns on Below Deck season 11, and here are signs why he’ll come back for a last hurrah.

Below Deck Season 10's Captain Lee Handing The Superyacht Over To Captain Sandy On Episode 5

Below Deck season 10’s Captain Lee handing the control of the superyacht over to Captain Sandy on episode 5 (Bravo).

Captain Sandy and Captain Lee both made it clear she’s only holding Captain Lee’s spot until he comes back to complete Below Deck season 10, but it was unclear if he’d recover in time to get back for the six-week charter season. Well, Captain Lee announced on Twitter he’s returning to Below Deck season 10 to finish the job he started in Saint Lucia. However, still no word if he’ll be back for Below Deck season 11.

Captain Lee Recovered From Health Issues & Is Ready To Work On Below Deck Season 11

Captain Lee Rosbach Using A Cane On Below Deck Season 10 Before Leaving The Show

Captain Lee Rosbach using a cane on Below Deck season 10 before leaving the show (Bravo).

The Stud of The Sea has got his mojo back since leaving Below Deck season 10 in early 2022. Captain Lee underwent back surgery back in the middle of December in 2021. He probably shouldn’t have gone back to work so early after serious spinal surgery. For rigorous work like yachting its recommended a patient take three to six months to return to their job. Below Deck show producers may have scripted the whole situation by getting Captain Lee to come out while recovering so that he could be dramatically replaced.

Captain Lee Healthy Riding His Motorcycle in Florida With His Wife Mary Anne (Instagram).

Captain Lee healthy riding his motorcycle in Florida with his wife Mary Anne in October (Instagram).

Regardless, Captain Lee worked hard with his physiotherapy and lifting weights regularly to build up his core strength. He’s now motorcycling, appearing at public events and traveling without any assistance from a cane or crutches. A couple weeks ago he appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen he’s healthy and hitting the gym a lot. TMZ even reported Captain Lee lifting heavy weights with video of him at the gym. One of the ER doctor charter guests from his last trip on Below Deck season 10 is pretty sure Captain Lee will be back at the helm in no time.

Captain Lee Doesn’t Want To Retire From Below Deck

The 73-year-old yacht captain looks as good as new these days. He’s also expressed his desire to come back on the show to lead the Below Deck season 11 crew.

“I will if they invite me back,” Captain Lee told fans on Twitter when asked if would return next season.

“I think, personally, retirement [is] overrated. I think you always have to have a purpose. You have to be doing something productive. And when yachting and the show itself stopped being fun is probably when I’ll stop doing it,” Captain Lee recently told Us Weekly.

Captain Lee also retweeted fans saying the show’s ratings would crash if he didn’t come back for Below Deck season 11.

Below Deck Producers Pressured To Bring Back Captain Lee By Upset Fans

It’s no secret Below Deck fans generally prefer Captain Lee over Captain Sandy for his leadership skills and wisdom. Captain Sandy also angered much of the fanbase when she was forced to fire Below Deck Med Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier in season 5. Fans are already planning to boycott Below Deck season 10 now that Captain Sandy replaces the OG Captain.

If ratings for Below Deck season 10 sink after he departs, show producers will definitely hope Captain Lee returns on Below Deck season 10 to bail them out. Fans will find out soon enough. Below Deck season 11 will start filming in late January or early February 2023 somewhere in the Caribbean.

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