Who Won The Power of Veto On Big Brother 25’s Week 2

Who Won The Power of Veto On Big Brother 25's Week 2

The second Head of Household was crowned and gay Muslim doctor Hisam Goueli became the top dog in the Big Brother 25 house. All the houseguests competing for the second HOH airs on Sunday, August 13. But superfans already wonder who are Hisam’s nominations and who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother 25 since the competition for the second POV already occurred inside the house, too. If you haven’t figured out already, there will be spoilers below, so be warned.

As HOH, Hisam picked two houseguests in the opposing Family Style alliance with most of the young contestants. He nominated Cameron Hardin and first HOH Reilly Smedley, with Reilly being his main target.

Who Won The Power Of Veto On Big Brother 25 For Week 2

The second week didn’t involve a nomination competition like the first week in the Multiverse house. However, another first in a new twist was promised for the second week.

Joining Hisam, Cameron and Reilly in the POV competition after random selection were houseguests America Lopez, Blue Kim, and Matt Klotz. Political consultant Mecole Hayes hosted the second POV competition.

Despite the competition stacked in the Family Style alliance’s favor (five against one) Hisam beat everyone else. Perhaps the allies not nominated in the POV competition didn’t have much motivation to take off Cameron or Reilly from the block. Hisam would still have the power to put someone else on the block, which could be someone else in their alliance.

Hisam spoke on the live feeds to allies, planning to nominate Matt or Blue if somehow Reilly got taken off the block. Now he can sit back and hope the house votes his way in eliminating Reilly. If she somehow gets the vote flipped, Hisam will have to watch his back. Reilly is trying to convince Cirie Fields to flip votes and save her.

We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out after Hisam has dominated the past three competitions.

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