Below Deck: Clues Heather Wants Fame With Friend Kaylee, New Stew

Chief Stew Heather Chase partying with her close friend and Below Deck season 9’s new stew Kaylee Milligan on Friday (Instagram).

There are a lot of clues Below Deck‘s Chief Stew Heather is chasing fame alongside her friend, season 9’s new stew Kaylee Milligan. Of course, they’re not the only ones from this season who are fame hungry. Deckhand Rayna Lindsey wants to be a famous actress now.

Although Heather and Kaylee aren’t the first on reality TV like Below Deck looking for fame, they thirstier than most. Clues on Instagram, as well as Heather’s behavior on Below Deck season 9 thus far, suggest they’re really after fame.

Also, there’s a lingering question of what lengths Heather will go to for fame with her friend Kaylee. Did she push Third Stew Jessica Albert to quit Below Deck because she wanted Kaylee aboard My Seanna?

Chief Stew Heather Chase rollerblading alongside close friend and Below Deck new stew Kaylee Milligan in a video posted a week ago (Instagram).

Signs Heather & Kaylee Are on Below Deck to Become Famous

It’s pretty obvious most people signing up for a reality TV show are looking for attention and fame. However, Heather and her friend Kaylee’s aspirations for fame are on another level than the average crew member.

Below Deck's Heather Chase & New Stew Kaylee Milligan
Below Deck season 9’s Chief Stew Heather Chase and her close friend Kaylee dolled up for a night on the town (Screengrab, Instagram).

From day one on the show, Heather comes across really in love with fame. When she meets longtime Below Deck bosun and first officer Eddie Lucas she looks star-struck. She also discloses how the worked relentlessly to climb the ladder in yachting fast, becoming a chief stew by the age of 25. On her Instagram bio it reads, “Passion and Dream driven.” So she’s a go-getter and has a lot of ambition. Nothing wrong with that, necessarily.

But does her hunger for fame go overboard like Below Deck season 3’s Rocky? Her Instagram clearly shows she wants to live the influencer life. At over 37,000 followers, she’s well on her way to living her dream. However, her tunnel vision for fame and getting her friend Kaylee on the show may affect her judgment.

Second Stew Fraser Olender isn’t impressed with Heather when she tells him the new stew will be Kaylee. Rayna also isn’t thrilled. Heather doesn’t appear to reflect on how her deteriorating relationship with Rayna could sink further if she forces Rayna to be roommates with Kaylee, which Rayna hints happens.

Furthermore, Heather storms out after Fraser voices his concerns about her bestie joining the crew. She calls him selfish and throws a bit of a temper tantrum. Who’s the one selfishly trying to get her friend on the boat after she was so hard on the last stew that she quit? The fact she had her friend lined up to recommend to Captain Lee adds to the possible shadiness. Although Rosbach said there were slim pickings for a replacement stew that late in the charter season, Heather approached the captain to suggest her friend Kaylee as the replacement. So it wasn’t him asking for her help, she wanted to orchestrate her friend joining the crew.

Heather calling Kaylee her bestie or “numbero uno” in a post of them partying in bikinis at a beach (Instagram).

The Two Stews’ Instagram Posts Reveal Close Friendship & Fame

On top of all that, Rayna has repeatedly blasted Heather, calling her fake. Rayna believes Heather only apologized to her for using the N-word because she was worried about her future on the show.

Whether or not her apology was sincere, Heather’s back to promoting herself on Instagram. Ever since her former second stew and friend Kaylee was first mentioned in episode 10, Heather is sharing lots of IG pictures and videos revealing their close friendship.

They seem to be hanging out with each other every week, and may have spent the holidays together. It also looks like they may be working on another yacht together since wrapping up Below Deck season 9.

Some of Heather and Kaylee’s posts don’t really hide their ambitions for fame and clout.

Below Deck Season 9's Likely New Stew Kaylee
Below Deck season 9’s Chief Stew Heather Chase shared an Instagram story of her friend and colleague Kaylee shotgunning a beer (Screengrab, Instagram).

In an Instagram video shared by Heather, Kaylee shotguns a beer. The caption in the IG pic reads M.I.A lyrics, “Everyone’s a winner, we’re making our fame.”

So the two are obviously very close, if not besties. They partied again with their friend, a third pretty blonde, on Friday.

Below Deck season 9’s Heather and Kaylee Milligan partying with their friend Cara Witte (Instagram).

That all said, what do you think? Are Heather and new stew Kaylee Milligan fame hungry? Was Heather mean to Jessica so she would quit and make room for her friend? Or did Jessica just suck at her job? Leave a comment below!

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