Below Deck: Rayna Is Getting Plastic Surgery & Wants to Be Famous

Rayna Lindsey Lets Fans Know She Is Getting Plastic Surgery & Wants To Be Famous
Ranya Lindsey let her fans know on she is getting plastic surgery consultations for breast implants. She also recently talked about wanting to be famous, do serious acting, and going sober after being an alcoholic (Instagram).

Another week, and yet more drama from Below Deck season 9’s Deckhand Ranya Lindsey. Besides the latest never-ending eye-rolling in episode 11, Rayna announced she’s getting plastic surgery on social media. She’s getting a plastic surgery consultation for breast implants, and she wants to be famous via a serious acting career.

On top of that, Rayna is two months sober from alcohol. She’s sharing lots of Instagram videos documenting her journey of sobriety, calling herself an addictions recovery advocate.

Perhaps Rayna wasn’t just struggling to cope with Chief Stew Heather Chase repeating the N-word after her in season 9 of Below Deck. She may have also been suffering from withdrawal symptoms if she was dependent on alcohol at the time. One of Captian Lee’s rules on charter is no alcohol, so Rayna had to go days without drinking while aboard superyacht My Seanna.

“I drank to get through the nonsense of the show. A true alcoholic I am. I can say that and be proud of where I am today,” Rayna recently wrote.

Below Deck’s Ranya Is Planning to Get Breast Implants

Recently, Rayna posted on Instagram announcing she is planning to get plastic surgery for breast implants.

“My boob consultation is today. I’m so excited I will be sharing my journey with you all on YouTube!” wrote Rayna in an Instagram story that’s now disappeared.

“If you have any questions regarding the beginning process before surgery please ask! I’ll be answering on YouTube.”

Rayna has been mentioning getting plastic surgery for a while now, but now she’s ready to go under the knife.

Speaking of going under the knife, two of her cast members from Below Deck season 9 also got surgery recently. However, not by choice. Captain Lee had spinal surgery late last year and was hospitalized for a week due to “severe spinal stenosis“. Last Sunday, Chef Rachel received gallbladder surgery to removed the muscular sac she said was full of stones.

Rayna Wants to Become Famous Through A Serious Acting Career

Rayna has also been telling her fans she taking acting seriously and plans to become a star beyond reality TV.

By all accounts, Rayna really didn’t enjoy her time on Below Deck season 9. And not just from her anger at Heather using the N-word. She’s also accusing First Officer Eddie Lucas of assassinating her character, and hasn’t had nice words for Captain Lee either. Now it looks like she will have to be roommates with new stew Kaylee, who’s good friends with Heather.

“Reality TV gotta go. S***s toxic,” Rayna recently wrote on Instagram.

“I’m trying to become the next [Karamo] or [Jamie Chung]. One season of Reality TV and that’s f***ing it. I got bigger plans. Way bigger plans,” Rayna wrote, too.

Rayna was refering to Karamo from reality TV show Queer Eye, and Jamie Chung, a successful movie actress who first appeared in the MTV reality TV series The Real World: San Diego.

Rayna also claims reality TV like Below Deck is fake, and her sex scene with Jake wasn’t real.

“I’m really doing bigger things. I have a lot bigger things coming out. Y’all gonna hate me when you see me on Netflix,” Rayna recently said in a video in an Instagram story.

“That’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t give a f*** about this reality TV s***, this happened over a year ago. No one gives a f*** about this s***.”

Rayna also is promising to confront Lucas on the confirmed Below Deck season 9 reunion episode. She’s alleging he set her up and that he also said something disparaging about the LGBTQ community.

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