Below Deck: Rayna Hints New Stew Roommate Is Heather’s Friend Kaylee

Heather Poses with Kaylee, Friend & Possible New Stew of Below Deck season 9
On Tuesday Chief Stew Heather Chase posted two Instagram stories with her friend and possible Below Deck season 9 new stew Kaylee Milligan (Instagram).

Deckhand Rayna Lindsey is dropping bombs on Instagram again, including a hint her new roommate on Below Deck season 9 will be Heather’s friend and potential new stewardess Kaylee Milligan. So, the one person Rayna can’t stand on My Seanna will get her friend Kaylee to bunk with her. Get ready for fireworks on the boat!

Below Deck returned from a one week break over the holiday season, but it came back with a bang. Chief Stew Heather Chase tearfully apologized to Rayna for using the N-word. She initially forgave Heather, but she backtracked, believing the apology was too little too late, and insincere. On top of that, the crew ended up getting a decent tip from jaw-wired-shut charter guest Chelsea and her husband. Although, $22,000 was a little less than the $25,000 tip the crew split earlier in the season.

Of course, I would be remiss to leave out Fraser heavily flirting with Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger, only for Rayna to swoop in and hook up with Jake. Although Rayna claims the sex scene with Jake was faked. The other main storyline developing is who will be the new stew replacing Third Stew Jessica Albert after she quit.

Why Heather’s Friend Kaylee May Be Rayna’s New Roommate

In Below Deck season 9, episode 10, Heather recommends her former Second Stew Kaylee to be hired by Captain Lee. Captain Lee had trouble finding anyone near the end of charter season to replace Jessica, especially during a pandemic. And, judging by the Below Deck midseason preview, it appears Captain Lee will end up hiring Kaylee.

In the preview, Rayna says, “I don’t think that was the best idea.” Fraser Olender then chimes in agreeing with Rayna.

Rayna’s comment comes directly after a clip of Captain Lee announcing there will be a new stew. After Rayna speaks, there is a clip of Heather saying, “Well what do you want, no help at all. It was her or nobody else.”

Now, Rayna is adding another clue that the new stew is Kaylee, and that they’ll be roommates.

“Chille… a set up [sic],” Rayna wrote to a fan on Instagram asking who her new roommate is.

Rayna answers a fan’s question about who will be her new roommate on Below Deck season 9 and hints it will be new stew and Heather’s friend Kaylee (Instagram).

Monsters and Critics previously reported that all of the Below Deck season 9 crew follow Kaylee on Instagram, too. So did Kaylee get hired as a stew and join the crew? A picture of Kaylee rollerblading with Heather sure suggests she did. Now, throughout the past week friends Kaylee and Heather shared pictures on Instagram suggesting they are very close indeed.

Heather & possible Below Deck season 9 stewardess replacement Kaylee
Chief Stew Heather rollerblading with her friend and colleague Kaylee, who she recommends as Jessica’s replacement after she quit Below Deck season 9 (Screengrab, Instagram).

Rayna has also hinted she quits and leaves season 9 abruptly. In another Instagram answer, Rayna said production wanted her to talk to Heather before “you go”.

Her Instagram stories are proving to be must-see. Last week Rayna claimed she helped pro basketball players cheat on girlfriends when working for an NBA team.

One thing is for sure, confirmed Below Deck season 9’s reunion episode is going to be full of choppy waters. Hopefully that doesn’t affect the service provided to primary charter guest and retired naval officer Tony, his wife and friends.

What do you think? Is Rayna’s new roommate going to be Heather’s friend and possible new stew Kaylee? It certainly will lead to a lot more drama if Rayna has to bunk with Heather’s friend. Leave a comment!

Below Deck season 9's Chief Stew Heather with New Stew Kaylee Milligan
Heather Chase further fueled the rumors her former Second Stewardess Kaylee Milligan is joining Below Deck season 9 after posting an Instagram story video of the pair on Tuesday night (Screenshot, Instagram).

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