Below Deck’s Jessica Albert: All You Need To Know About The 3rd Stew

Below Deck's Jessica Albert on WWHL
Below Deck season 9’s Jessica Albert talking to Andy Cohen on WWHL about how attractive Deckhand Wes O’Dell is (Screenshot, Bravo).

Third Stew Jessica Albert may not be having the best time on the My Seanna in Below Deck season 9, but she’s new in the superyacht world. The only bright spot in the constant backbiting from Second Steward Fraser Olender and Chief Stewardess Heather Chase is her awkward flirting with Deckhand Wes O’Dell.

Although she’s been in a miserable mood, outside of the stress and steep learning curve she’s facing on the superyacht, she has an interesting life outside the Bravo show. Here’s everything you need to know about Jessica Albert.

Age & Home Location

Jessica is a 35-year-old American who seems to hop from state to state, not really having a home state she’s fully settled in. However, she does have a job listed on her Instagram that is located in Boca Grande, Florida. Even so, she’s recently worked as a stew in the yachting world in Seattle, Washington, Wrangell, Alaska, and St. Kitts in the Caribbean while on Below Deck.

Jessica’s Previous Jobs & Family

Jessica has worked as a stew in the yachting world since at least 2016. She’s worked in yachting in the British Virgin Islands, Seattle, Alaska, British Columbia, Boston, and New York before her third stew role on Below Deck season 9. Part of the reason Albert struggles working for Heather is she is used to being on smaller yachts as the sole stew.

Outside of being a freelance yacht stewardess, Albert has worked as a sales and cater coordinator at a hotel resort, The Gasparilla Inn & Club. While on the show, Albert revealed she recently went back to school to become a beautician, while her mom decided to go back to school to become a mortician. Jessica makes living people beautiful, while her mom pretties the dead.

Jessica is an only child, and kind of has a similar relationship with her mom as that of Rory on Gilmore Girls apparently. Her mom had her when she was 19, similar to Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and her mom, so they have a close friendship bond. She is also close to her grandparents, in their eighties, who she lives with and cares for. A lot of the time on the show Jessica’s mind is distracted worrying about her aging grandparents.

Potential Firing Controversy

The original Below Deck series in all 8 seasons has always had at least one cast member either quit or be fired before the end of each charter season. Bravo and Below Deck fans are speculating Jessica is on the chopping block.

Jessica lacks experience working on larger commercial vessels like the My Seanna. Since the outset of the season, Albert has struggled to please her boss, Heather Chase.

Albert spent the first few charters doing laundry and housekeeping. However, being on the My Seanna superyacht comes with higher expectations than that. Albert has struggled to keep up with the high intensity pace expected on a bigger yacht. The laundry room managed by Albert was a mess. Once Fraser took over Captain Lee noticed how much cleaner it was and gave him praise. Second Stew Olender is also talking a lot behind Jessica’s back, telling Heather any screwups she makes. Those include working too slowly, leaving her work station disorganized and washing bed sheets of unused beds.

Heather has also taken notice and finds Jessica’s work unsatisfactory. She’s unimpressed with Albert’s mopey attitude, slow pace, and lack of attention to detail. In Jessica’s defense though, she’s new to the bigger yachting world and her mind is also distracted by her grandma telling her she had surgery. It probably doesn’t help Jessica is taking orders from a boss about 10 years younger than her.

Regardless, Heather is at her “wits’ end” with Jessica. Chase gives her an ultimatum to put up or ship out in episode 7. On primary charter guests and breast-cancer survivor Michael Cadez‘s charter, Chase puts Jessica on service and right away she makes a major faux pas. She stands by while a charter guest serves himself a drink. Heather is going to fire Jessica.

Jessica’s Instagram & Relationship Status

The Below Deck season 9 preview shows Jessica and Deckhand Wes O’Dell share a kiss, and that’s yet to happen on the show. Jessica has more clearly spelled out her interest in dating Wes when she was on Andy Cohen‘s show Watch What Happens Live.

“I think Wes is an extremely attractive person. He has a great personality, he’s physically attractive. Let’s give him a 10!” she told Cohen.

It’s unclear if Jess’ kiss with Wes in the preview is a one-off before she maybe gets fired. Maybe it blossoms into a full boatmance? However, both of their Instagram accounts make it look like they are single.

Jessica’s Instagram pics make it pretty clear she loves outdoor wildlife and catching sun. She’s also into traveling and being creative.

You can follow Jessica and the rest of Below Deck season 9 cast members’ Instagram and Twitter accounts here.

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