Below Deck: Meet Kaylee, Heather’s New Stew & Friend Replacing Jessica

Below Deck season 9's Chief Stew Heather with New Stew Kaylee Milligan
Heather Chase further fueled the rumors her former Second Stewardess Kaylee Milligan is joining Below Deck season 9 after posting an Instagram story video of the pair on Tuesday night (Screenshot, Instagram).

So Heather is promoting her buddy and yachting stewardess Kaylee Milligan to replace third stew Jessica Albert on Below Deck season 9. In episode 10, “The Smell of Sweat and Desperation”, Heather suggests her former second stew and friend Kaylee join the crew. This was after Heather and Fraser struggled to keep up, being a stew down, during jaw-wired-shut charter guest Chelsea’s stay on the My Seanna.

After Chief Stew Heather Chase mentions Kaylee, the show jumps to a couple of pictures of her, another beautiful blonde. Since episode 10 aired, Kaylee and Heather revealed their friendship via lots of Instagram stories. But who is Kaylee?

What To Know About Stewardess Kaylee

Yachtie Kaylee Milligan is a graduate from Dixie State University, in St. George, Utah, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her previous job experience includes being the sole stewardess for a motor yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, back in 2019. It looks like after that she worked as a second stew on a bigger yacht where Heather was her boss as chief stewardess.

According to Kaylee’s Instagram, she originally grew up in New Mexico, and now lives in Florida, and is in her mid-twenties. She looks to be adventurous, enjoying partying, yachting, traveling, snowboarding, snorkeling and skydiving.

Does Kaylee Replace Jessica As Third Stew On Below Deck Season 9?

Fans thinking Heather was too hard on Jessica now have a possible motive for why she pushed her so hard. After episode 10 aired, some fans on Reddit suggested maybe Heather wanted to to help her friend get on Below Deck, too!

However, more than likely, Heather was stuck in a really tough spot. She would rather have someone she knows than another green stew. And, like she said, better the devil you know than the one you don’t. That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of Kaylee.

On Kaylee’s Instagram she posted a picture of her and Heather having fun on rollerblades around the time Below Deck season 9 was being filmed. So, it looks likely Kaylee could be hopping aboard the My Seanna in episode 11, despite stew Fraser Olender’s protestations.

Heather Poses with Kaylee, Friend & Possible New Stew of Below Deck season 9
On Tuesday Chief Stew Heather Chase posted two Instagram stories with her friend and possible Below Deck season 9 new stew Kaylee Milligan (Instagram).

Some eagle-eyed fans believe Kaylee is definitely hired by Captain Lee. The mid-season preview definitely hints at. In the preview, Heather says, “Well what do you want, no help at all? It was her or nobody else.”

It appears to be in response to Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Fraser criticizing the choice of her hiring.

Tuesday on Instagram, Rayna hinted Kaylee will be her new roommate on top of being the new stew.

Regardless if Kaylee gets hired on Below Deck season 9, she worked on another superyacht last month.

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