Below Deck: Who Is Tony Thornton, Retired Naval Officer & Charter Guest

Below Deck Season 9 Charter Guests Tony & Porscha
Below Deck season 9 primary charter guest and retired naval officer Tony Thornton in uniform with his loving wife Porscha (Facebook).

Below Deck Fans want to know who charter guest and retired Naval Officer Tony (Cayetano) Thornton from season 9 is. Tony makes his appearance on the Bravo show in episode 11 as the primary charter guest. Joining him on the superyacht are his wife Porscha and friends.

You can tell from the get-go, when Tony asks permission to come aboard My Seanna, Captain Lee has the utmost respect for a fellow man of the sea, especially a naval officer like Tony who has served and protected America.

Charter Guests Tony and Porscha’s Instagram Accounts & Where They Live

Tony and Porscha Thorton live in Potomac, Maryland, and according to Facebook, were married five years ago. They’re very excited about being on Below Deck season 9 and already sharing the preview on Facebook. Friends and family like the stiff salute Tony gave Captain Lee and are curious about who had the shell fish allergy that disappointed charter guests had to inform Chief Stewardess Heather Chase about.

Tony and Porscha appear to have married five years ago. Tony is the founder and CEO of Just One Technology, an IT company.

Tony is big sports fan, attending the PGA Masters, watching courtside at the Washington Wizards basketball games, and football.

Porscha also works at Tony’s company and likes watching football, per her Instagram. Tony is also a big into spending lots of time with his wife, kids and family.

Charter Guests Tony & Porscha On Below Deck
Charter guests Tony and Porscha kiss while on superyacht My Seanna during their time on Bravo’s Below Deck (Facebook).
Tony and Porscha Enjoying Their Time on Below Deck's My Seanna
Tony and Porscha embrace while on their charter on Below Deck season 9 (Facebook).

Joining them on the their charter on Below Deck season 9 are retired navy vets Darion, Claudia and Pete. Pete’s wife Melissa also lucked out on being part of the charter.

Jermon and Denise are other friends described on the show as working in the technology sector who are also charter guests.

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