Alone Season 1: What Happened To Lucas Miller, Fourth Place Finisher?

Alone Season 1: What Happened To Lucas Miller, Fourth Place Finisher?

A go-with-the-flow small town boy, Lucas Miller lasted 39 days in the Vancouver Island wilderness before deciding he’d had enough on Alone season 1. It’s a little hard to go viral when you’re out there on Alone, but Lucas pulled it off. His “two note song” that he improvised to pass the time had fans cracking up. Some said it took away from the “true” wilderness experience while others found it relatable. But the resourceful and spiritual Lucas wasn’t too worried. In fact, he even commented positively on a fan version of the song.

Lucas said in an interview that “it was a journey to become a more complete and compassionate person.” He also said, “Winning a game show became trivial.” Although he did experience a few bouts of crying, he said he emerged a more empathetic person for it. But, once he returned from the wild, what happened to Lucas Miller? 

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The Quasqueton, Iowa, native was 32 at the time of the show, which would make him between 40 and 41 years old now. We can see on the History YouTube channel that he was greeted by his wife and family upon returning home. He is still married to wife Kahlo and has one son, Bering. The two of them are very into alternative medicine, limiting use of electronics and do not eat white sugar. Lucas is particularly skilled in making his own clothes and knows which wild plants are safe to eat. He does have a Facebook page, but he doesn’t maintain it all that often. He did have an Instagram account but he has apparently deactivated it.

Reading this transcript of an episode of The Alone Podcast with Sam Larson gives some more clues about Lucas as a person. Like many Alone cast members, his faith is important to him. He has moved between Unitarianism, Catholicism, and types of Indian spirituality. He has also drifted around for quite a while, living in places like Colorado, teaching outdoor education to survive. And while he explains that he cannot be inside for too long, one place he will never go is Montana in the winter as 10 feet of snow is too much for him. He does admit to owning firearms despite his hippie lifestyle, and he does maintain a close relationship with his mom despite being off the grid a lot. He is a fan of writer and professor Brené Brown.

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Lucas did return for Alone: The Skills Challenge, a spin-off show on the History Channel. By then he had moved to Arizona and spent time surviving in the desert. It also seems that, with his skills, he has become a consultant for the show itself. The Wikipedia article also says he was a “wilderness therapist.” He has also acted in a short film, “HeartAche”, which was directed by Alexandra Maxwell.

Lucas may be elusive, but he just seems to be more in tune with nature than the digital world.

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