Fans Believe Kate Chastain Returns On Below Deck As Charter Guest

Fans Believe Kate Chastain Returns On Below Deck As Charter Guest

Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain — who starred on six seasons of Below Deck — may return as a charter guest on Below Deck season 11 according to diehard fans. Although Kate’s busy raising her young son Sullivan Cay these days, back when Below Deck season 11 filmed in Grenada Kate was several months pregnant. Kate’s pregnancy certainly didn’t slow her down. The witty and cutting former yachtie managed to film a whole new show alongside Captain Lee Rosbach called Couch Talk With Captain Lee And Kate. Now, fans believe Kate Chastain returns on Below Deck season 11 as a charter guest.

In the meantime before having Sullivan, Kate starred in two seasons of reality TV show The Traitors and also helped host BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas along side her pal Andy Cohen. It wouldn’t be that far-fetched that Below Deck production thought it would be a brilliant idea to cast Kate as one of the charter guests on the latest season. Kate, who’s one of the longest and most beloved cast members from the show, would certainly excite the fan base. Especially since she had to deal with so many rude and demanding charter guests (not to mention some of her own stewardesses). She would revel and shine in the role reversal.

Fans Believe Kate Chastain Returns On Below Deck Season 11 As Charter Guest

Fans are convinced Kate, 41, vacationed in Grenada as a charter guest because she sounds exactly like a the voice of a woman talking about Chef Anthony Iracane on a Below Deck season 11 in the opening previews. “Ooh, another accent,” a women who sounds just like Kate says.

Fans on the Below Deck subreddit heard the woman’s voice and thought immediately of Kate.

“I wasn’t looking at the screen and freaked because it sounds exactly like Kate… I can’t be the only one who heard it. Maybe she’s finally making my dream come true and coming on as a surprise guest?!,” said user u/Affectionate_Item103.

“Pretty sure we weren’t supposed to see the ‘coming up this season on [Below Deck season 11] video. It clearly shows Kate, so I’m going to take a stab at coming in as a guest. Maybe even with Lee and his wife! We have to wait and see,” another user said, claiming Bravo accidentally leaked a later trailer for the show that shows Kate in season 11.

“That’s what I’ve always said I wanted. For Kate and Captain Lee to just relax, be guests, and give the employees hell lol. It’d make for great TV,” user u/Affectionate_Item103 responded.

Kate could certainly give Chief Steward Fraser Olender some points on how to lead his interior team of Xandi Olivier, Barbie Pascual, and Cat Baugh. All three of Fraser’s stews could possibly be fired on Below Deck season 11.

So far Kate’s stayed mum about rumors of her return as a charter guest on Below Deck season 11. Fans will have to wait and see if Kate ends up charter superyacht St. David and bossing around the Below Deck season 11 crew.

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