Below Deck’s Captain Lee Reveals How Much Charter Guests Pay To Stay On Superyacht St. David

Below Deck's Captain Lee Reveals How Much Charter Guests Pay To Stay On Superyacht St. David

Captain Lee Rosbach revealed a cost breakdown of just how much charter guests pay to stay on superyacht St. David for a week when not on the show Below Deck. Captain Lee suggests that with all costs in most week-long charter can run north of half a million dollars! Here’s what Captain Lee said about how much charter guests pay to stay on superyacht St. David off the show.

A few years back, the cost leaked for what Below Deck charter guests pay to rent a superyacht for a condensed three-day trip. The $40,000 USD cost for charter guests on Below Deck is a steal and a fraction of the overall costs for renting superyacht St. David outside the show. Now it makes a lot more sense why the show gets such a colorful cast of characters to charter a superyacht while cameras film them.

“St. David, that the last boat I was on, that’s just under 200 feet… a little over 1,000 tons, big boat. If you’re going to charter that, you’re going to pay $325,000-$350,000 a week,” Captain Lee explained on his latest episode of his podcast Salty With Captain Lee. “And then to start off the charter, you’re going to have to wire 10 percent of that to the brokerage firm. And then you’re also going to have to wire 30 percent — what they call APA — advanced provisioning funds. Now that’s to go grocery shopping for you. That’s to pay for fuel, that’s to pay for dockage. No, that does not cover your flight there or back, or your hotel room before you get on the boat.”

Captain Lee mentioned hotel and airfare as a separate expense for charter guests of superyachts. On the show the production covers those costs.

Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Reveals How Much Superyacht St. David Costs To Charter Off The Show

“And then you throw in another 20 percent for tip… you’re looking at half a million for a week — for seven days. There are people who will charter three or four times a year on boats that size,” Captain Lee added, while answering a fan’s question about the cost of chartering a superyacht.

“And believe it or not, it’s still cheaper than owning.”

So, typically chartering a superyacht for seven days costs around $500,000. Meanwhile, on Below Deck it only costs $40,000 (albeit for only three days). So charter guests on the show save a whopping $460,000 plus airfare and accommodations when renting the superyacht with cameras rolling. With that context, former rude charter guests like Erica Rose and her husband Chuck seem all the more ungrateful. Also, Dr. Kim Nichols complaining about the cost of her charter on Below Deck Sailing Yacht seems a bit rich, too.

On Below Deck season 11 — currently airing on Bravo — Captain Kerry Titheradge and his crew deal with a lot of overly demanding charter guests, including Real Housewives of New York alumna Jill Zarin. Fans also believe former Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain is a surprise charter guest in the latest season.

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