Who Won HOH On Big Brother 25 Week 3 & Who Will Get Evicted

Who Won HOH On Big Brother 25 Week 3 & Who Will Get Evicted

Big Brother 25 had another HOH competition that was held after the live eviction on Thursday night, August 17, but wasn’t aired to the chagrin of many superfans. So who won HOH on Big Brother 25 in week 3? Drum roll please. Houseguest Felicia CannonDenzel Washington’s sister according to co-star Cameron Hardin — won the Head of Household for the week and fans are thrilled because they’ve grown to love the oldest houseguest to enter the house in BB history.

Miss Felicia (as she’s affectionally called by fans and her The Professors, Bye-Bye B**ches alliances) also made history as the 13th Black women to win HOH in 25 seasons of the show.

Fans were initially mad that the show’s production again decided to not show the HOH competition live, something often done in previous seasons.

But all was largely forgiven once fan-favorite Felicia won the HOH. She was so thrilled when she got her HOH basket with her seasoning and other comfort items the Air Force vet and real estate agent loves. She also got one of her favorite albums Side Effects of You by music artist Fantasia Barrino in her care package.

Other houseguests noted she’s way better than previous HOHs Hisam Goueli and Reilly Smedley, who both went on power trips when they had the power to put other houseguests on the block.

Who Will HOH Felicia Nominate For Eviction & Will Her Alliances Backdoor Hisam?

“What a great day, what an excellent [bleeping] day. This has been my favorite day since being here,” Hisam said after Felicia won HOH and Reilly got voted out.

“Winning HoH had to be?” Jared Fields said in response.

“No, this is better,” Hisam said back on the live feeds per Big Brother Daily.

In another great moment of dramatic irony on the show, Hisam is oblivious that he rubbed his fellow alliance members in The Professors the wrong way during a meeting where he acted as if he was the dictator. They also couldn’t stand Hisam’s melodramatic POV speech and power trip against Reilly. Felicia and others are already discussing backdooring Hisam since he’s such a Comp Beast and grating when he wins power.

However, fans think Felicia, her ride-or-die Cirie Fields and others in her alliance should seriously think about backdooring mastermind of The Handful and Crowd Control alliances, Jag Bains instead.

Felicia knows Jag is a strong competitor and running the other side of the house. Taking out the head will create chaos and dissension in her main rivals. Meanwhile, Hisam could win competitions for Felicia’s side and appears to be very loyal, despite his annoying arrogance. So far Felicia’s plan is still to backdoor Hisam, but that seems to premature and silly to leave another competitor in the house who is in an opposing alliance.

Fans are super excited for Ms Felicia’s reign in the BB 25 house and getting the Pressure Cooker competition all in one week. Houseguests are also going to get punished this week with slime.

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