BB 25: Is Felicia Denzel Washington’s Sister & Do They Look Alike?

BB 25: Is Felicia Denzel Washington's Sister & Do They Look Alike?

Big Brother 25 had a moment of golden dramatic irony on Thursday night’s live eviction episode where houseguest Cameron Hardin freaked out Jared Fields and viewers when he said he had a wild theory that he wanted to float by him. Jared could barely keep a poker face before Cameron postulated his thoughts. Jared assumed Cameron had caught on to the fact his mom, Survivor Legend and reality TV star veteran Cirie Fields is also competing in the house. As of now, only Izzy Gleicher knows the two are related. However, instead he swore he thought Felicia Cannon and actor Denzel Washington are related. So is Felicia Denzel Washington’s sister and do they look alike?

A quick search on Denzel Washington’s siblings reveals he has a brother and older sister named Lorice Washington. So no, Felicia isn’t the Training Day star’s sister. However, if Nick Cannon’s dad had as many offspring as he’s currently siring, she may be related to that famous black entertainer.

Does BB 25 Felicia At Least Look Like Alleged Brother Denzel Washington

Cameron found the mannerisms and appearance of Felicia resembled Denzel Washington and he cited pop star Ariana Grande’s brother, YouTuber, actor and singer Frankie Grande, who competed in Big Brother 16.

Well, we know Felicia, who’s in The Bookend two-person alliance with Cirie, as well as The Professors and Bye-Bye B**tches alliances, too, isn’t in Denzel’s direct family at least, but we can still see if Cameron was right in saying the look alike.

Here are a couple clips of Felicia from the live stream on BB 25.

And here’s Denzel Washington, age 68, giving an interview and talking about his late mom.

Felicia and Denzel both are bursting with confidence, energy and positivity, and they both have similar facial features (including dimples). On top of that, they both have a similar cackling laughs. Either way, BB fans had fun joking about Felicia being The Equalizer star’s sibling.

With that all in mind, perhaps they’re cousins? We’ll have to wait and find out if Felicia, age 63, has any famous relatives in the family.

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