BB 25 Fans Slam Hisam For POV Speech & Power Trip

BB 25 Fans Slam Hisam For POV Speech & Power Trip

On Thursday night’s Big Brother 25 episode, either the chaotic Reilly Smedley or the untrustworthy Cameron Hardin will be booted. Cameron has won himself no friends by revealing the alliances to everyone, getting him typecast as untrustworthy. But Reilly’s mouth got her into trouble by revealing to Hisam Goueli her intention to make him her target. When Reilly told us in her intro video that she has a bad habit of getting into trouble, this is no doubt what she meant. If it weren’t for her lucky streak that gets her out of trouble, she would end up eliminated for sure. Even though Hisam targeted her in response and pitted her against her Handful teammate Cameron, he overshot the mark. Relinquishing his POV, he bashed Reilly in front of everyone during his speech.

Houseguests Annoyed By Hisam’s Aggressive & Bossy Behavior After POV Meeting

“Reilly, I love you, but unfortunately you’re my target,” Hisam said with his characteristic glib bluntness. “You caused the house to split prematurely. I’m hoping that the houseguests will help vote Reilly out.” On top of that, Hisam rubbed many houseguests the wrong way during his theatric one-on-ones with them. “The fact that he is so adamant about it. ‘This is what you should do and who we should target.’ I mean, what did I get myself into?” said Cirie Fields. As a houseguest whose alliance building and maintenance skills are unparalleled, Cirie’s opinion carries a lot of weight. Other members of her Professors alliance — of which Hisam is a part — could be harmed by his behavior. But Cirie isn’t the only one calling Hisam out, as fans voiced their displeasure online.

Fans Angry At Hisam’s Villain Attitude

“If he didn’t freak out during the Veto speech he would have been fine. He was even a likable person with the Matt decision. That speech tanked his ENTIRE a game and just made people view him differently. Which is a good villain, but a bad game move,” observed Reddit BB fan TheShowCase50. “Hisam is good for creating chaos, but I can’t stand his smug and condescending diary room sessions. If he stays longer, I’m gonna need Big Brother to cut down on showing them.” complained The_Burning_Kumquat. “He must really think he runs the professors and the floaters and that the other alliance will just crumble if Reilly’s evicted.”

Others chose to focus their criticisms on Dr. Hisam’s bedside manner. “he has the typical smarmy doctor ego that drives me insane lmao”, noticed KIDDKOI. And, it’s hard to remember in all the voting/alliance insanity, but Hisam didn’t exactly cover himself in glory during the Luke Valentine n-bomb incident. CrittyJJones reminds us that, “Him lying for no reason about hearing Luke drop the n bomb. And him telling Luke that he thinks it’s cool that he pushes the envelope is just odd behavior in my opinion.”

Reilly may be able to cry-baby up enough sympathy to save herself, but her, Hisam, and Cameron are all in deep trouble. And, if anyone shifts their vote at the last minute or fails to organize the vote flip, they could be following them out the door.

Hisam doesn’t feel bad about his melodramatic performance at the POV meeting either, according to live feeds. It may well be his undoing.

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