Jackie and Josh From Love is Blind: Relationship Timeline

Jackie and Josh From Love is Blind: Relationship Timeline

Love Is Blind season 4 villainous couple Jackelina Bonds and Josh Demas stunned fans in episode 10. They secretly met up on a coffee date together where Josh brought flowers, they flirted a bunch, kissed and decided to be an item. All while Jackie was still engaged to her pod fiancé Marshall Glaze. That same day, Jackie told Marshall she couldn’t be with him anymore because she was attracted to Josh, but refused to give Marshall the engagement ring he got from Love Is Blind production. So, when did Jackie and Josh from Love Is Blind season 4 start dating? And are they still going strong today? Let’s take a closer look.

Jackie And Josh From Love Is Blind: Relationship Timeline & Cheating On Marshall

Jackie apparently tried to force an attraction for her fiancé Marshall after meeting in the pods. At the romantic getaway at the Mexico resort she was doting on her new flame. But things soured over time when she broke down over family issues and also showed way more attraction to co-star Brett Brown upon first seeing him.

After returning home to Seattle at the shared townhouse apartment, things between the new couple deteriorated rapidly. Marshally was offended when Jackie questioned his masculinity, leaving for a few days. At Chelsea Griffin‘s birthday party, cauliflower-eared Josh showed up unannounced, blotto, professing his strong love for Jackie. Chelsea’s birthday is on April 21, and Love Is Blind season 4 filmed from late March until early May of 2022. The day of Chelsea’s birthday there were 10 days before the weddings.

Three days later, a week before the weddings, Jackie missed her dress fitting, opting instead to go on a coffee date with Josh. Apparently after Josh approached Jackie at Chelsea’s birthday, the two started talking via text.

Some fans theorize they met up before the coffee date because the kiss looked to comfortable to be a first. Meanwhile, Jackie claims she broke up with Marshall before the coffee date with Josh, but she alleges production edited it to make it look like she cheated on him. She also claims Marshall called her the most disgusting name during their relationship.

Are Jackie And Josh Still Together A Year Later?

Josh and Jackie kissing on their coffee date

Josh and Jackie kissing on their coffee date (Netflix).

Jackie all but confirmed she’s still dating Josh a year later after Love Is Blind season 4 filmed. She told Today in an interview, “Going forward and moving forward with Josh it was actually very surreal. It was actually very intimate, very soul-binding, I would say, because it’s almost kind of like, we are very strong.”


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On top of that, Jackie and Josh were spotted on a date at a Seattle Mariners baseball game at the start of April. Then, alleged text messages between Jackie and her friends showed another picture of her with Josh with the text, “my baby”.


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The Love Is Blind season 4 live reunion should definitively reveal if Jackie and Josh are still together. We’ll also likely find out what she did with the engagement ring.

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