Love Is Blind: Who Is Raven Ross’ Boyfriend She’s Dating?

Love Is Blind: Who Is Raven Ross' Boyfriend She's Dating?

We all remember how Raven Ross suffered possibly the hardest and most heartbreaking experiences on Love Is Blind Season 3. After a season of two-timing SK Alagbada being less than enthusiastic about her, SK said “I do not” at the altar. This devastated Raven, but she and SK continued to date and even appeared together at the season 3 reunion. Then came allegations of cheating, the messy breakup, and alleged legal proceedings initiated by SK against his womenaccusers. Raven’s social media star has been rising slowly ever since, with her “Revenge Body” Pilates program debuting in February. She’s made a new friend in Nancy Rodriguez, her castmate who was also dumped by self-proclaimed villain Bartise Bowden, who’s now a dad. And now, a pressing question may have been answered by fans of Love Is Blind: Who Is Raven Ross Dating?

Let’s dig into what the internet sleuths have uncovered about Raven’s new man.

Love Is Blind:Who Is Raven Ross Dating? A Soft Launch

Raven's new boyfriend Christian Crosby romancing her in Los Cabos, Mexico while currently on vacation

Raven’s new boyfriend Christian Crosby romancing her in Los Cabos, Mexico while currently on vacation (Instagram).

Raven appears to have been spending a lot of time in Philadelphia recently judging by the locations on Raven’s IG. She also gave an interview with US Magazine in February, where she confirmed she was seeing someone new. Raven disclosed that Nancy knew the identity of the new boo and had given her blessing. Two weeks ago, Raven posted a picture in Philly once again, standing in front of her boyfriend who had covered his face. Speculation ran rampant and ramped up yet again on April 10 after a pair of IG stories showed up on Raven’s profile. The first showed a hotel room with a man standing at the far end, gazing out at a balcony. Rose petals covered the floor and the bed, spelling out “I <3 U”. Letter balloons read “Happy Birthday” and a display of heart balloons were visible.

Love Is Blind season 3 star Raven's new boyfriend Christian Crosby singing

Love Is Blind season 3 star Raven’s new boyfriend Christian Crosby singing (Instagram).

The other post showed a video of a man on the beach getting his feet wet. The posts are gone now but they are captured in this Reddit thread. We didn’t see Raven in either of these posts but she has attached a caption to each one. The hotel room post caption read, “If you feel like you’ll never find your person, be patient. Be your best self and believe in love. Because once you find it it’s so much sweeter. <3” The post with the man on the beach was more specific. The caption read, “It blows my mind when I think about how I got here. It was not easy, just like everything good in life. It takes time, courage, and a lot of obstacles. But I’d do it all again.”

Kind of the same words she expressed for SK. Hopefully this guy isn’t a serial cheater.

Love Is Blind: Who Is Raven Ross Dating? The Mystery Man Revealed (?)


When you finally find @pilatesbodyraven manssss ? HBD girly ?? #loveisblind #LIB #viral #FBI #crackedthecode

? original sound – Gab

@Gab on TikTok did some digging and revealed the identity of Raven’s romantic partner: Philadelphia 76ers  in-arena host Christian Crosby. This TikTok  goes through the evidence — Christian follows Raven on IG, and she has liked many of his posts. But there’s more: Raven has a picture of herself on the court, and in one of his posts, Christian shows off his moves while standing on that same court.

Christian Crosby posing for the camera

Christian Crosby posing for the camera (Instagram).

And if that wasn’t enough, Christian’s IG had a story where we can see the same heart balloons from the hotel room mentioned above! The case seems airtight, but who is Christian?  Christian has worked with Philly’s NBA team since 2008. He boasts a respectable 160,000 followers on IG and in addition to working with the Sixers, he is the founder of Live Life Nice.

The organization’s job is to highlight the extraordinarily nice things average people do by putting out social media content telling their stories. He’s released a few tracks on YouTube and Spotify, which are produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff from classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The couple are currently both sharing IG stories and pictures of their romantic vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. We wonder why they’re still being coy about going IG official.

Raven posting an IG story with her new man in the shot

Raven posting an IG story with her new man in the shot (Instagram).

Christian’s dance moves and mic skills are matched by his dunk skills, as he’s a longtime member of the Sixers Dunk Squad. In comparison to the secretive SK, Christian seems like a fun-loving, athletic, positive and sometimes goofy dude. Fans are overjoyed for Raven’s happiness with her new man, saying she’ll be engaged in 2023. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for wedding bells and a happy ending.

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