Love Is Blind: What Happened To Raven After Season 3

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Raven After Season 3

Maybe Raven Ross will never fully move on from being humiliated twice by Sikiru (SK) Alagbada. Maybe she will actually never get married, as she claimed during the wedding episode of Love Is Blind Season 3. Recently, a picture that some fans claim shows her and SK shopping together at Costco has even made the rounds. However, the fitness superstar is riding a groundswell of support and has seen a lot of positive developments in her life since SK cheating allegations surfaced. Let’s go over these life changes for Raven because she certainly deserves some good fortune after everything that’s happened to her.

What Happened To Raven? A Big Follower Bump & Pilates Career Skyrocketing

Raven’s social media star is rising in a big way. She’s taking her Pilates classes on the road to places like Miami recently, and her Instagram follower count surpassed 789,000 and is still climbing. Her YouTube numbers are nothing to sleep on either, with each workout video doing tens of thousands of views. Some even exceed the 50K mark. You can scroll down and see that a mere 3-4 months ago, she was lucky if she got a couple of thousand views. Raven’s YouTube channel, which she posts weekly Pilates workout videos on, hit over 110,000 followers.

TikTok is where her most impressive numbers lie, however. 8 million likes? Over a million views on a simple “He’s A 10 But….” video with castmate Zanab Jaffrey? 450K+ followers? Close to 700K views on a Thanksgiving video of her dancing with her cat? It’s to the point where Raven has to lit Maerally herd her viewers over to YouTube so she can pump up her workout video numbers. Raven’s crushing it when it comes to traditional media too. Women’s Health wants to know more about her fitness routine.

A Revealing Q&A Video In Which Raven Dishes

In a Q&A Youtube video that Raven posted very recently, she gave us a life update. She spoke while unboxing products from Beach Bunny swimwear, Juice Beauty skincare, Truff Hot Sauce, and Bounce Curl hair products (she’s clearly making bank all on her own without SK). Here, she revealed that she is 5-foot-three-inches-and-a-half tall and that she was actually born in New Orleans and lived there until she was 18. She’s also a huge fan of spicy food and hot sauce. We got to see Raven’s mom in a quick workout clip and we learned that Mama Raven was a big inspiration for Rae to get into Pilates. She also credits her for her disciplined personality to help her stay fit.

Raven was asked about the LIB casting process and revealed that she got involved after clicking an ad on Instagram. You have to audition for the show by recording a 15-second video answering a question. After a grueling series of daily phone interviews, a producer let her know she had made it very far through the screening. After another two weeks, she was flown out to LA to film the show. Despite everything that happened with SK, Raven doesn’t regret doing the show, and said she is treating it as a learning experience (while rolling her eyes multiple times). Her career certainly benefitted from the exposure!

The “Smokeshow” Pilates Instructor Loses A Friend

Not everyone is on Team Raven since the drama blew up, however. It looks like Raven and her childhood friend from the show Macole Moody are no longer friends. Macole loudly crowed on TikTok about how she predicted Raven and SK’s breakup. There are hints on a few TikToks from @StoryTimeWithRikkii that Raven has confirmed that the two are no longer friends. Reddit screencaps also show Raven saying the friendship is apparently kaput. In Macole’s defense, however, we didn’t see a whole lot from Raven defending her ex-friend when the backlash hit Macole hard. This is very sad, as Raven and Macole have been friends since they were little girls.

Raven’s other bestie, Aaliyah, has been mostly silent on social media for the last while since the SK cheating allegations broke. It’s not that much of a stretch to assume that she was caught up in a lot of drama herself. It looks like everyone involved in this mess is just trying to get through their lives without letting it get to them. So, while Raven is doing well professionally, she’s got to be hurting a lot on the inside. Let’s hope that she and everyone she cares about will end up better than they started.

We’ll definitely update this article with the latest news on Raven’s life since Love Is Blind season 3. We’re sure to get more news on Raven and SK when season 3’s After The Altar episodes get released by Netflix.

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