Love Is Blind: Jeramey and Sarah Ann Living Together Clues Suggest

Love Is Blind: Jeramey and Sarah Ann Living Together Clues Suggest

Love Is Blind season 6 has delivered an incredible amount of messy drama. Not only did Trevor Sova‘s secret ex girlfriend he was dating on the show come out to bash him, and Jimmy Presnell introduced his fiancée Chelsea Blackwell to his close girl friends (one he slept with), but Jeramey Lutinski also had a fiancée he broke up with only a little while before going on the show. Now fans believe they found evidence of Jeramey and Sarah Ann living together in his house he was renting on Love Is Blind season 6.

Fans first suspected the two must still be dating when Jeramey shared an Instagram story of picture of Sarah Ann with a county music song playing before the first episodes aired. But things only become more likely the two were still dating after the show when fans realized Jeramey visited Cincinnati last year, where Sarah Ann is from and frequently goes back to visit.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann Living Together After Love Is Blind Season 6


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A photo in one of Sarah Ann’s saved stories, called “Big Livin'”, shows she’s clearly in the bedroom that Jeramey showed his ex fiancée Laura Dadisman on the show.

Sarah Ann taking a selfie in Jeramey's bedroom a few weeks ago

Sarah Ann taking a selfie in Jeramey’s bedroom a few weeks ago (Instagram).

Jeramey's bedroom on Love Is Blind season 6

Jeramey’s bedroom on Love Is Blind season 6 (Netflix).

“I went to Sarah Ann’s IG.. and she has a post on it where she is in the same bedroom as you see from his house in the episodes that just got released.. My bet is that they are even together now still and definitely had a click that night haha,” said one viewer on Reddit.

In the pods to Sarah Ann, Jeramey bragged about just selling his pervious home and how he was currently renting another one.

“If we did this, who moves in with who? I got a four-bedroom house.”

“I didn’t know that. Well, I’m in an apartment. So I guess I’m moving in with you,” Sarah Ann said back.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m only renting right now, just ’cause I just sold my last house. And I don’t want to buy a house right now. Because I want to get married. And I wanna move into a house with someone that I pick together, so they don’t feel like they’re moving in and encroaching. I would want you to comfortably feel like that is your place,” Jeramey told Sarah Ann.

Since the show started airing, Sarah Ann denied Jeramey cheated on Laura while they were still engaged.

“What’s so strange to me is people are literally in my DMs like, ‘Girl, you’re laughing, you’re proud. I would never be proud of something like that. You can’t bring someone down who knows what did and did not happen. I can laugh at it and what you’re saying about me because I was there and I know the truth. And soon you will know the truth. Golly!” she said in a TikTok video. “This is a reality television show. It’s meant to entertain you and I think that’s exactly what we’re doing. We didn’t miss with this one baby!”

Meanwhile, fans are cheering on Laura for telling Jeramey to kick rocks with toe-opened shoes.

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