Physical 100: What Happened To Jo Jin-Hyeong After 4th Place Finish

Physical 100: What Happened To Jo Jin-Hyeong After 4th Place Finish

Although he was outmaneuvered in the square flipping challenge, Jo Jin-Hyeong remains Physical 100′s surprise fan favorite. His combination of experience, leadership, regular guy energy and most of all, crazy strength gained his competitors’ respect early on. There was no way he could have gone all the way, however. Even if he had survived the square flip challenge, the shuttle run, which emphasizes speed, would have destroyed him. He can claim bragging rights for dominating one of Korea’s top soldiers in the deathmatch, though. He can also match an MMA legend in a leg strength test. Or, he can hold a giant boulder on his shoulders for hours just for fun.

Ridiculous feats of strength will always be a draw. Jo Jin-Hyeong proved that being a master strongman will take you to the #4 position in a group of 100 elite athletes. All well and good, but what happened to Jo Jin-Hyeong after he muscled his way into our hearts?

What Happened To Jo Jin-Hyeong? IG Follower Growth, Photo Shoots, Feats of Strength, Endorsements, Cast Friends

Jo Jin-Hyeong modeling clothing

Jo Jin-Hyeong modeling clothing (Instagram).

When he first appeared on the show, Jo Jin-Hyeong had an IG follower count of less than 7,000. Today it stands at 93,100, which is a 13x increase. Despite not having the sort of body you would expect in a fashion magazine, he participated in the Physical 100 W Korea shoot. But most of his new content is him doing what he does best. This includes spending a birthday celebration taking and easily walking off friendly kicks to the leg from MMA legend Choo Sung-Hoon. Then it’s off to the gym for a couple of 400 pound bench press reps, or some 530 pound lat pulldowns with some friends.

He will also try to do some exercises that are tougher for him, such as several chin-ups, alongside a smaller workout partner. He also takes time to feature some of the less well known Physical 100 competitors, such as personal trainer Bang Seong Hyeok. When Jo is in the gym, he is rarely found without his main sponsor, Calorie Monster protein powder. But like most of the top Physical 100 players, he is also sponsored by Powerade. He also attends local events like a Dae Dong (spirit) festival at a university to pump up the crowd.

What Happened To Jo Jin-Hyeong? TV and Film Appearances, Family, Other Events

Jo Jin-hyeong spending quality time with his son

Jo Jin-hyeong spending quality time with his son (Instagram).

Jo has also gotten a lot more TV and film work out of his appearance on the show. He features a clip from a movie where he plays a bodyguard outside the club on his IG. Sadly, we don’t have the movie’s name. We do know he has featured on two more Korean competition shows. They are mission completion competition show Bodywork S Class Challenge 100 and ssireum competition show The First Marketplace In The World Season 2. But he has also appeared on comedian Choi Seong-Min’s show, where he pretends not to be able to lift a fairly large woman. Family is still important to Jo, as he took his little boy Dohyun to the beach in August. And, Jo’s fashion sense remains impeccable as he was featured at Seoul Fashion Week in March 2023.

After a strong 2023, there’s no telling what Jo will accomplish in 2024.

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