Physical 100: What Happened To Park Jin-Yong, 3rd Place Finisher?

Physical 100: What Happened To Park Jin-Yong, 3rd Place Finisher?

Super-fast Olympic luger Park Jin-Yong can outrun any Physical 100 cast member. However, after countless wind sprints in the Triangle Shuttle Run, Park’s endurance ran out. It became a battle to avoid elimination between him and Jung Hae-Min, and the cyclist’s stronger legs prevailed. The third place finisher has a keen strategic mind and an understated sense of humor. When it came time for him to smash his bust, he commented that people with “big bellies can do it.” However, there were some people who disliked his choice to face a woman in the deathmatch. They make the case that he coasted through the challenges.

User hello_farmer claims, “They specifically didn’t show his opponent in Death Match, perhaps to give him a better edit.” And it is true that he was on the strongest team for the toughest challenge, captained by gentle giant Jo Jin-Hyeong. Still, as one of the Top 5 with the lowest profile, Park’s critics are few and far between. Let’s see what happened to Park Jin-Yong after Physical 100 season 1.

What Happened To Park Jin-Yong? YouTube & IG Updates, Cast Friendships, Sponsorships & Endorsements

Park Jin-Yong after being on the show before a workout

Park Jin-Yong after being on the show before a workout (Instagram).

Park continues to maintain his friendship with fellow luger Cho Jung-Myung on their YouTube channel. Even though videos are infrequently updated, a few have been uploaded in the past year. 5th place finisher, ice climber Kim Min-Cheol  appears alongside the duo to talk about the sport in the most recent upload. In another, they interview what appear to be up and coming rope-skipping champions. In other videos, they test their grip strength or review their outfits from various Olympic outings.

Park’s Instagram has grown to include 12,400 followers. He has nothing but good things to say about his fellow Top 5 competitors, shouting out Jung Hae-Min and Jo Jin-Hyeong. Like Jung Hae-Min, he has an endorsement with PowerAde and competed in the 2023 Olympic Day Run in October 2023. He seems to make marathon competitions a regular thing, as he participated in the Seoul Half Marathon in April 2023. Park also appears to be represented by athletic clothing manufacturer HARDER, as he has some workout clothes by them. Another endorsement appears to be Italian clothier Diadora, and Park can be seen wearing one of their jackets to the gym.

What Happened To Park Jin-Yong? Photo Shoots, Fandom, Possible Cast Pairing

Park’s increased profile as a result of the show was clear as a result of being featured in Singles Magazine. Although the full interview doesn’t exist in English, he and many other cast members were featured. Park was also part of a shoot for W Korea magazine that came out right after the show appeared on Netflix. He also demonstrates that he has a fun side. His only IG story is a showcase of the original 150 Pokemon cards that were part of Generation 1. And as this Reddit post shows, when Jung Hae-Min couldn’t be there for a fun photo with his Team Jo Jin-Hyeong teammates, Park photoshopped him in.

Some fans have shipped him with another Physical 100 competitor, Crossfitter Hwang Bit-Yo-Eul. They had a lot of chemistry together on the W Korea shoot. What do you think of this pairing?  There is no evidence they are or were together IRL though. Park Jin-Yong remains an eligible athlete and bachelor with his best days ahead of him.

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