Physical 100’s Park Jin-Yong: Luger’s Job, IG, YouTube & More

Physical 100's Park Jin-Yong: Luger's Job, IG, YouTube & More

Physical 100‘s Park Jin-yong wowed fans of the show with his cat-like reflexes in his Quest 4’s punishment game: The Fire of Prometheus. The Korean national team Olympian luger beat out incredible athletes like professional baseball player Dustin Nippert, dance choreographer Miracle and bodybuilder Seol Ki-kwan. Before making it to the final five, Physical 100‘s Park Jin-yong was on car dealer Jo Jin-hyeong‘s team successfully winning in Quest 3 and Quest 2. Here’s everything fans need to know about the Physical 100 top-five finalist.

Olympic luger Park Jin-yong in his Korean national team uniform

Olympic luger Park Jin-yong in his Korean national team uniform (Instagram).

Park Jin-yong Job As Olympian Luger, IG, Age & Birthday

Physical 100 finalist Park Jin-yong goofs around with his cat

Physical 100 finalist Park Jin-yong goofs around with his cat (Instagram).

Olympian athlete and Korean national team luger Park Jin-yong competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics representing South Korea alongside his partner Cho Jung-myung, who also co-stars in Physical 100. The duo placed in 18th place at the biggest world stage. He also competes in the team relay in luge, too. He also competed in the 2018 and 2022 winter Olympics and had his best results in 2018, with two 9th place finishes. The Olympian athlete weighs 90 kg (200 lbs) and is 182 cm (5′ 11″) tall. He said he lost motivation for the sport after the Beijing Olympics because of his lower placing in the field. He joined the show to raise his profile and hopefully inspire the next generation of lugers and gain more fans for the sport. He hopes that will help the next generation compete in a better setting where more people care and respect the sport.

Park Jin-yong’s Instagram reveals he can deadlift 220 kg (440 lbs). He hits the gym a lot for his luge training and also does a lot of rock climbing. Park Jin-yong appears to be single and has a pet cat. He also shares video and photos of him practicing with his luge partner Cho Jung-myung. The two also share a YouTube channel together called @parkcho. Park and Cho’s video vlogs share the behind the scenes life of two lugers training for competitions and hanging out. The two clearly have a very brotherly bond after competing together for a decade.

Jin-yong celebrates his birthday on Nov. 17 and is currently age 29. He was born in Muju, Jeollabuk, South Korea. Park Jin-yong appears to be single and spends most of his time training in luge. Physical 100 fans will have to tune into Netflix on Feb. 21 to find out if Jin-yong wins the 300 million won cash prize.

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