Physical 100’s Final Quest: 4 Games’ Rules, Winner & Losers Explained

Physical 100's Final Quest: 4 Games' Rules, Winner & Losers Explained

Physical 100‘s finale episode 9 dropped on Netflix on Tuesday, Feb. 21st and the Final Quest 5 was revealed to viewers. The top five finalists were told the would compete in four games, starting off as a pentagon, then a square, after that a triangle. Then the final two would compete until the floor diagram became a dot with the champion. The top five competitors consisted of each remaining cast member highlighting an ideal athletic trait. Strongman and car dealer Jo Jin-hyeong represents strength. CrossFitter and snowboard coach Woo Jin-wong symbolizes balance. Ice climber and mountain rescuer Kim Min-cheol displays willpower. Cyclist Jung Hae-min is the ideal for endurance. Luger Park Jin-yong represents quickness.

Each competitor showed their ideal athletic trait in Quest 4’s five punishment games they each won. Now, here are Physical 100’s Final Quest, the four games’ rules and who were the winners and losers of all the games. The AI computer eye explained the final four four games of the final quest.

Physical 100’s Final Quest: Five-way Tug-of-War First Game’s Rules, Winners & Loser

Physical 100's Five-way Tug-of-War on Final Quest 5

The Final Quest’s first game involved five-way tug-of-war game. All five competitors ropes are tied to a circle in the middle of the arena. “This game is a battle of strenght, and muscle strength is key.” All competitors need to pull the other competitors to a key ahead of them to unlock their padlock. The last competitor not to unlock the padlock loses the game.

Jung Hae-min was first to get his padlock unlocked and seal his spot in the competition still. Next, Jo Jin-hyeong was able to survive. Then, Park Jin-yong got his key and freed himself. Woo Jin-yong then beat Kim Min-cheol by a split second to survive by a hair. Kim Min-cheol was eliminated.

Physical 100‘s Second Game’s The Square Flip Rules, Winners & Loser In Final Quest

Physical 100's Final Quest's The Square Flip Game

Physical 100‘s Final Quest’s The Square Flip Game (Netflix).

The Square Flip competition required contestants to quickly flip the square boards over scattered across the arena’s floor. The game “requires quickness and agility”. It’s a two-on-two team game to start. Each team needs to flip the squares over to their own team’s black or white color for five minutes. When the time runs out, the team with the most squares of their color up wins. The losing team then splits up and the two competitors compete in the same game, mano a mano for another give minutes until one player gets eliminated. Jung Hae-min got to pick his teammate out of the other three finalists because he was the fastest at the five-way tug-of-war game. He picked Woo Jin-yong. He then changed his mind and instead picked Park Jin-yong!

Jo Jin-hyeong foolishly didn’t plan a strategy with Woo jin-yong. Meanwhile, Jung Hae-min and Park Jin-yong spread out and followed the two opponents to neutralize and advantage.

Park Jin-yong and Jung Hae-min had 37 squares at the end of the first competition compared to 29 for Jo Jin-hyeong and Woo Jin-yong (a total of 66 square tiles). So Jin hyeong and Jin-yong competed in a second round.

Jo Jin-hyeong got dominated by the much faster and agile Woo Jin-hyeong. Jo Jin-hyeong only managed to get 18 tiles for his color and was eliminated.

The Third Game: The Triangle Shuttle Run’s Rules, Winners & Loser

Physical 100's Third Game: The Triangle Shuttle Run

Physical 100‘s Third Game: The Triangle Shuttle Run (Netflix).

“In this game where you must run back and forth continuously, cardiovascular endurance is key,” the AI computer host explained. Competitors have to run to the next bell, ring it, then return to their spot. If a competitor doesn’t make it back to their start before the next start sound goes off that person is eliminated. Eventually the rep time went down from 12 seconds to below eight seconds. Hae-min’s bigger thigh muscles slowed him down, but he stuck with it and ended up out-surviving Park Jin-yong.

Physical 100‘s Final Quest’s Last Game: Infinite Rope Pulling’s Rules, Winner & Loser

Last Game: Infinite Rope Pulling on Final Quest

Last Game: Infinite Rope Pulling on Final Quest (Netflix).

The Infinite Rope Pulling game involves pulling on a very long rope. “When you hear the start signal, you must pull the rope until it is loose,” said the computer host. Hae-min didn’t do any upper body training so he was at a distinct disadvantage to Woo Jin-wong’s CrossFitter’s balanced training of his entire body. Woo Jin-wong started slow but steady and outlasted Hae-min. He unspooled his rope faster and claimed victory as the first Physical 100 champion. Woo Jin-wong won Physcial 100 and claimed the 300 million won prize money and destroyed Hae-min’s bust. He thanked God and his parents for the win. Fans can now see why Woo Jin-wong‘s Instagram and others social media left subtle clues he’s the winner.

Woo Jin-wong showing off the hardware (gold medals) from his snowboard championship wins

Woo Jin-wong showing off the hardware (gold medals) from his snowboard championship wins (Instagram).

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