Love Is Blind Season 3 Wedding Dresses: Fans Rank Best & Worst

Love Is Blind Season 3 Wedding Dresses: Fans Rank Best & Worst

The Love Is Blind season 3 wedding dresses were stunning on the brides from Dallas, Texas. Each of the grooms breath were taken away when their wives-to-be (or not-to-be) walked down the aisle towards them. Despite all the brides looking exquisitely gorgeous in their own way, Love Is Blind fans definitely had their favorites. Let’s be honest, some dresses fit better and were more flattering on certain ladies than others.

Also, some of the girls changed their wedding dresses from the ones they picked on the try-on day. Fans think for some that was a good decision, for others, perhaps not. Fans also noted that the wedding dresses fitting scene seemed rushed in season 3, and lacked many dresses for the ladies to try on. Viewers speculated if show production curated the dresses, but allowed for brides to go out on their own and change their wedding dress.

Here’s how fans ranked the Love Is Blind season 3 wedding dresses from best to worst.

Fans Adored Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Colleen’s Wedding Dress

Love is Blind Season 3 Star Colleen's Wedding Dress She Picked At The Try-On Fitting Day

Love is Blind season 3 Star Colleen’s wedding dress she picked on the try-on fitting day. She completed changed the look with her different wedding dress on her wedding day. Fans strongly approved her decision to change it for a more chic look (Netflix).

Although Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton had their ups and downs throughout Love Is Blind season 3, the couple worked through their issues and got hitched on their wedding day. All the mean and funny memes on Colleen and Matt’s relationship were instantly forgotten by Colleen’s glitzy, enchanting wedding dress at their wedding.

Colleen Beaming After Putting Her Wedding Dress On In The Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale

Colleen beaming after putting on her wedding dress (Netflix).

Worth the anticipation, Matt wept as he saw his dazzling bride light up the room as she walked down the aisle.

Love Is Blind Season 3's Colleen Walking Down The Aisle In Her Radiant Wedding Dress With Her Dad

Colleen looking absolutely radiant in her wedding dress (Netflix).

Colleen & Matt Say I Do On Love Is Blind Season 3

Colleen's Wedding Dress From The Side

Colleen’s Love Is Blind season 3 wedding dress from the side (Netflix).

Colleen & Her Mom Making Sure Her Wedding Dress Fit Just Right On Love Is Blind

Colleen's Stunning Wedding Dress

After watching the finale, fans raved about Colleen’s look in her wedding dress.

Alexa’s Elegant Wedding Dress Wowed Love Is Blind Season 3 Fans

Love Is Blind Star Alexa's Elegant Wedding Dress As She Walks Down The Aisle With Her Dad

Even Alfia’s tough-guy dad got emotional seeing his daughter in her wedding dress (Netflix).

From the very outset, Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux‘s love story warmed the hearts of fans. Even with a misleading finale preview of a failed wedding, Alexa’s choice in wedding dress left little doubt in viewers’ minds their nuptials would go off without a hitch.

Alexa Tears Up When Seeing Herself In Her Love Is Blind Season 3 Wedding Dress

Alexa’s try-on dress on fitting day looked so magnificent it brought her to tears and left the ladies in the room nearly speechless. Besides Brennon’s moving vows and Alexa’s stunning wedding dress, there wasn’t a dry eye at the wedding. Really, we’re at a loss for words at how perfect Alexa looked in her wedding dress.

Alexa Full Of Joy In Her Wedding Dress On Love Is Blind Season 3

Wowing her bridesmaids, Alexa looked completely radiant in her wedding dress (Netflix).

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Alexa Alfia In Her Wedding Dress

Alexa Loving Her Wedding Dress Choice

Alexa's Wedding Dress From Behind

Love Is Blind season 3 fans couldn’t stop talking about Alexa’s glamorous wedding dress.

Fans In Awe Of Raven’s Pilate-Instructor Physique In Her Wedding Dress


Raven Ross Wearing Her Try-On Wedding Dress Before the Big Day On Love Is Blind Season 3

Raven Ross wearing her try-on wedding dress before her big day (Netflix).

Although she didn’t pick the try-on wedding dress, Raven Ross looked absolutely captivating in the revealing, yet refined, dress. Some fans thought she should’ve kept it. “Raven’s [wedding day dress] was completely different. I thought both dresses were pretty, but I loved the store-one more on her. It was beautiful on her body,” one fan shared on Reddit.

Raven's try-on Wedding Dress

However, lots of other fans thought Raven looked even more jaw-droppingly beautiful for her fiancé SK Sikiru Alagbada on the big day. Fans wanted SK’s head examined after he said “I do not” when Raven looked so resplendent in her wedding dress. She opted for a similarly low-cut dress, but with lots of sparkles. Adding to the unforgettable look, Raven wore an untraditional Nigerian “gele” headwear.

Raven Looking Radiant In Her Wedding Dess On Love Is Blind Season 3

Raven In Her Wedding Dress

Raven Looking Nervous Before Walking Down The Aisle

Raven nervous before walking down the aisle in her knock-out wedding dress (Netflix).

Raven's wedding dress from behind

Raven’s wedding dress from behind (Netflix).

Raven's Love Is Blind Season 3 wedding dress from the front (Netflix).

Raven’s Love Is Blind season 3 wedding dress from the front (Netflix).

Obviously, fans raved about Raven’s wedding dress.

Nancy Shone In Her Wedding Dress In Spite Of The Ill-Fated Day

Nancy's Love Is Blind Season 3 Wedding Dress When She Tried It On

Nancy’s Love Is Blind season 3 wedding dress when she first tried it on and made her mom cry (Netflix).

Nancy Rodriguez‘s wedding dress was so stunning her mom began to tear up. It was also so exquisite Zanab Jaffrey apparently picked the same one.

Nancy's Wedding Dress At Fitting

Ultimately, Bartise Bowden rejected Nancy at the altar, but she still looked arresting regardless. Some fans think that Zanab and Nancy shared the same dress because the scripted show let them know they weren’t getting married ahead of time.

Nancy's Wedding Dress From The Side

Nancy’s wedding gown from the side (Netflix).

Nancy walking do the aisle with her dad

Nancy walking do the aisle with her dad (Netflix).

Nancy's wedding dress from the back

Nancy’s wedding dress from the back (Netflix).

Nancy saying she's done with Bartise after he said no at the altar

Nancy saying she’s done with Bartise after he said no at the altar (Netflix).

Zanab’s Wedding Dress & Bouquet Were Sensational

Zanab In Her Wedding Dress At The Fitting On Love Is Blind Season 3

Although a repeat, Zanab made her wedding dress pop.

Zanab's Wedding Dress From Behind

Zanab’s wedding dress from behind (Netflix).

Zanab claims she didn’t know she was going to reject Cole Barnett at the altar until the moment it happened. But, after the reunion and some of the lines she used it did feel quite staged. If you weren’t planning on marrying a guy it would make sense you wouldn’t care if you wore the same dress as another co-star. She still rocked the wedding dress even if she went scorched earth in it.

Zanab Looking Beyond Beautiful In Her Wedding Dress

“Zanab and Nancy are basically wearing the exact same dress. It’s by Hayley Paige and has the same pattern, just a slightly different neckline and back. (I used to sell wedding dresses and we carried her line back when it was actually her designing them),” said one anonymous fan on Reddit.

If any of the other ladies disclose what wedding dress designer they wore we’ll be sure to update y’all. At least the ladies who didn’t get married didn’t have to buy their wedding dresses.

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