Physical 100 Season 2 Final Quest Unfair For Beom-seok Against Amotti Fans Claim

Physical 100 Season 2 Final Quest Unfair For Beom-seok Against Amotti Fans Claim

Physical 100 Season 2 is over and our winner has been crowned. CrossFitter Amotti triumphed over firefighter/soldier Hong Beom-Seok in a final battle of strength and strategy. In this best two out of three matchup, the competitors had to struggle against each other pushing a pole. Whoever tipped it over would win a round, but the controversy came up when Amotti realized the pole could rotate as well. Though Hong won the first fall on pure strength, Amotti pushed and rotated the pole and threw Hong off balance. Hong made an emotional concession speech, and considering last season’s controversial final, Amotti’s win isn’t sitting well with some fans. Was Physical 100 season 2’s final quest unfair?

Both finalists’ intense journey to the end gave fans reason to believe Hong was done dirty. After a surprise loss in Physical 100 season 1, Hong Beom-Seok was the only returning player for season 2. He beat all 99 other players in the pre-quest, crushed K-pop idol Lee Jung-jan in the deathmatch, and his team dominated in Quests 2 and 3. Hong accomplished this despite not being a part of the “Avengers” super-team that Amotti was on. As a result Hong had an easier time knocking off his former teammates in the everyone-for-themselves Quest 4. Even so, Amotti had many more ups and downs on his path. He finished a very impressive 3rd in the pre-quest, but his team lost Quest 2 to Team Dong-Hyun Kim. He also lost in Quest 2.5 before being revived by Jung Ji-Hyun. So, did Amotti deserve to win?

Was Physical 100 Season 2’s Final Quest Unfair? Differences Between Seasons

Remember last season, when Woo Jin-Yong and Jung Hae-Min‘s final battle was marred by accusations of being rigged? There were alleged malfunctions with the rope-pulling mechanism involved in the final challenge along with audio equipment issues and forced restarts. However there were some key differences between the first season and this one. First of all, while neither man was told about the fact that the pole could rotate, Amotti figured it out on his own. Also, Hong had an opportunity to adjust once he lost the second fall to Amotti but did not. Finally, there were no malfunctions or restarts in season 2’s finale. (There was one in Quest 3, but it didn’t affect either finalist’s team.)

Fans have also pointed out that Hong Beom-Seok moved on to the finals because he had his own realization in the Infinite Squat challenge. Right before the pole battle, Hong, Amotti, and Andre Jin were involved with a challenge where they squatted increasing amounts of weight. (Justin Harvey was the fourth and last competitor to make it to the finals. However, he was eliminated after he couldn’t hang onto a rope suspending his bust above the ground.) Hong realized that he only had to squat deep enough for a lowering bar to hit the stand. Andre Jin didn’t do this and, combined with his weak knees that were worn down from rugby, was eliminated.

Fan Reactions To Physical 100 Season 2’s Controversial Final

Reddit user DomiMamii says, “Not really feeling how Amotti won. They definitely should’ve stabilized the pole. No way Beok would’ve lost if it was solely on strength?”

RigeRooo raises the issue of height, saying, “I was like hey isn’t that kind of cheating, he’s way shorter than Amotti, sigh.. just glad he didn’t seriously get injured.” As it happens, Amotti is only an inch and a half taller than Hong Beom-Seok.

NewtGroundBreaking observed, “He didn’t really physically prove himself to escape the elimination, as the one true winner is Ji-hyun.”

Was Physical 100 Season 2’s Final Quest Unfair? Amotti’s Underdog Story

So if the final challenge was no more unfair than any other challenge, are fans upset because Hong had his redemption story ruined? Well, once they read about Amotti’s story they might change their opinion. It turns out that Amotti has his own underdog tale as discussed in this article. In 2021 he was in a serious car accident where his ankle was shattered and he was told he might never exercise again. We noted in our earlier article about Amotti that he doesn’t have a lot of social media posts before or during the pandemic. However, the article indicates that he went through a long recovery process including being helped by his mother. Apparently, some of his YouTube videos from that time period documented the recovery. Eventually he did return to Crossfit, though not professionally like before.

It looks like Amotti and Hong Beom-Seok respect one another and this is a case of dashed fan hopes. It’s hard to claim that the situation on the show was unfair when all the facts are considered. And on Hong’s IG, he posted a photo of both finalists together with a supportive comment from Amotti underneath. If anyone feels cheated, they’re not showing it.

Hong Beom-seok congratulates Physical 100 season 2 winner Amotti and they appear to be friends

Hong Beom-seok congratulates Physical 100 season 2 winner Amotti and they appear to be friends (Instagram).

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