Physical 100’s Lee Jang-Jun: Height, Birthday, Pets, IG, K-Pop Boy Band, More

Physical 100’s Lee Jang-Jun: Height, Birthday, Pets, IG, K-Pop Boy Band, More

Nobody doubts pop star Lee Jang-Jun‘s fitness or profile. The question is, how far can he be expected to go on Physical 100 ? Can you see him lasting in the deathmatch? How about a raw test of strength with one of the many bodybuilders competing on Physical 100 season 2? Last season, dancer Cha Hyun-Seung impressed viewers by battling through a painful rib injury. Maybe Lee will have a similar path this season. However, Cha comes from a cardio-intensive background, while Lee is better known for his rapping and vocals. As we’ll see, though, Lee has plenty of physical skills he can draw on.

The K-pop superstar will have a lot to prove either way. Before he makes his Netflix debut, let’s learn all we can about Physical 100‘s Lee Jang-Jun.

Physical 100‘s Lee Jang-Jun: Boy Band, Age, Birthday, Height, Zodiac, Blood Type, Shoe Size, Family, Education, Taekwondo, IG, Pets

Lee Jang-jun on Physical 100 season 2

Lee Jang-jun on Physical 100 season 2 (Instagram).

Lee is best known as the main rapper for boy band Golden Child, with his stage name being Jangjun. He’s a standout amongst the group’s 10 members, but importantly, he’s not “the athlete of the group.” That honor belongs to member “Y”, who is currently serving in the military. Korean boy bands are known for swapping members out, but he’s been with the band since 2017. It’s easy to find out facts like his age, birthday and height. He is 27, stands 5 feet 10 inches and is a Pisces who was born on March 3, so he had his birthday not too long before the show came out! Fans want to know facts like his blood type (A) and his shoe size (270 mm, which is a men’s 9 in the US).

We can also find out some facts about Lee’s family. He has one older sister, Lee Minjun, and his father Lee Byungwhi is a police officer. Before he was a member of Golden Child, Lee was a backup dancer for INFINITE, another boy band that was popular in the 2010s. Lee is signed to Woollim Entertainment and, as per his Instagram, is a huge dog lover. His two dogs are named Maru and Bungbungi. He has 46,400 followers, which seems a little low for a superstar like him. You wouldn’t know from Lee’s cute boy band persona that he trained in taekwondo for 10 years. He also graduated from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts in 2016, so he’s not some accidental star. He is currently enrolled at “Cyber University”, which sounds very cool.

Physical 100’s Lee Jang-Jun: TV Credits, Magazine Cover, Secret Facts

Lee has some considerable acting chops as well. Just look at his very long list of TV credits, featuring everything from masked singer shows to athletic shows. Sometimes, Lee opens up on these shows to reveal a fact about himself, such as how his mother is a realtor. He has also revealed that despite loving dogs, he was once attacked by a former pet, Heendol, and has a mark on his face to this day. He’s also claimed that his sister lives in Indonesia. However, one fact that is not secret is how Lee revealed his ripped physique on the cover of Korean Men’s Health for November 2020.

It’s up to Lee to prove that he’s much more than just a pretty face.

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