Below Deck S11: Barbie Married Ex-Husband, Xandi Divorced Too

Below Deck S11: Barbie Married Ex-Husband, Xandi Divorced Too

In a preview for Below Deck season 11‘s episode 6 — “Love Me Tender” — the cast split up into two for a crew night out where the guys and gals ate separately. Stewardess Barbie Pascual opened up about how she’s now separated from her husband she marred at the young age of just 22. Apparently Barbie is closer to being a housewife than Andy Cohen even guessed when the yachtie appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told him she aspires to be a future housewife. So, Barbie married ex husband and her still remain friends, but co-star Xandi Olivier also got married young.

The crew definitely deserved a crew night out after dealing with incredibly rude and drunk charter guests Tina Smothers and Eileen Perry.

“No, my ex-husband, I can’t remember meeting,” Xandi told the the other female cast, including Cat Baugh and Sunny Marquis.

“[Laughs] Same with my ex-husband,” Barbie responded. “I got married at 22, I think I was. And then Covid hit and we had to be around each other. The sex was minimal. The love part was minimal.”

Barbie then continued to talk about her failed marriage in a confessional interview on the episode.

Below Deck Season 11: Barbie Married Ex-Husband, Xandi Divorced Too

“I got married because I really thought he was the one. It was like a year relationship, and I felt like he understood me and I just got used to him. I settled. I settled,” Barbie said.

“He’s my best friend. I hang out with my ex-husband way more now than…” Barbie explained to the other ladies.

“Did you get legally divorced or?” her nemesis Cat asked.

“No, I’m actually still legally married, but…” Barbie said.

“Really? I will never talk to my ex-husband ever again,” Xandi said, shocked. Earlier on in the episode, Xandi revealed she got marred at the age of 21 and that they got divorced a year later because her dad was having an affair with her ex-husband’s mom. She says she no longer speaks to her ex.

“We just don’t even feel like going through the paperwork,” Barbie responded.

Despite still being legally married, Barbie had no problem developing a quick, but brief, crush on Bosun Jared Woodin. After she got to know him better and he got sloppy drunk on the second crew night out, she lost all interest after getting the ick. Barbie, now age 29, appears to be living her best life since splitting up with her husband. She gets into a torrid boatmance with Scottish deckhand Kyle Stillie while working on superyacht St. David in Grenada. Barbie’s Instagram doesn’t show any signs of her ex-husband. However, her extravagant lifestyle doesn’t appear to be financed by her former partner, but instead her rich dad.

Fans will have to wait and see if Barbie, or Xandi, shares any more about her ex-husband. Considering Barbie was age 25 back in 2020, it looks like she and her ex were married for a few years after getting married only a year into their relationship.

Meanwhile, Barbie’s boatmance with Kyle appears to be over after the show.

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