Morgan From Blown Away S4: Bio, IG, Glass Artwork, More

Morgan From Blown Away S4: Bio, IG, Glass Artwork, More

Blown Away season 4 front-runner and serious glassblower talent Morgan Peterson blew away the judges and other competitors on the show. The glassblower artist stayed true to herself throughout the competition and shocked viewers with her creepy and macabre creations. Most of the show focuses on the competitors duking it out to make the best glass artwork, so we didn’t learn a lot about Morgan on the show. So, who’s Morgan from Blown Away season 4?

“I have a sick, twisted style. It has a lot to do with dark humor. It’s impossible to confuse my work with anyone else’s. Front row seat to the Morgan show. It’ll be fun. My creativity is going to set me apart.”

Morgan From Blown Away Season 4: Bio, Instagram, Glass Work

Morgan with her pet dog

Morgan with her pet dog (Instagram).

Morgan, based in Seattle, Washington, started working with glass at a pretty young age, at only 17 years old. She has 22 years experience glassblowing, which makes her 39 now. Morgan’s Instagram shows she’s always had a knack for making dark and mysterious pieces of art. She also likes body artwork, with several tattoos of her own, including one of Keanu Reeves in crime action film Point Break. Following her dark humor, she also has a tattoo of a knife piercing her skin with blood. She also has another big tattoo of fictional character Lisle Von Rhuman from black comedy Death Becomes Her.

Blown Away star Morgan one tattoo

Blown Away star Morgan one tattoo (Instagram).

Morgan’s also a big fan of thriller and horror director David Lynch. Some of the glassblower’s artwork clearly draws inspiration from the legendary filmmaker’s work. As Morgan mentioned on the show, she doesn’t have any interest in having any kids and appears to be happily single. On the flip side, she detests former President of the United States Donald Trump and his former VP, Mike Pence.

Artist glassblower Morgan wearing some retro clothing

Artist glassblower Morgan wearing some retro clothing (Instagram).

A piece of glass work Morgan made before the show

A piece of glass work Morgan made before the show (Instagram).

Another piece of artwork by Morgan Peterson

Another piece of artwork by Morgan Peterson (Instagram).

Morgan’s Artwork & Prize Winnings On Blow Away Season 2 (Spoiler)

Morgan's first work on Blown Away season 4

Morgan’s first work on Blown Away season 4 (Netflix).

On the show, Morgan really impressed Katherine Gray, resident evaluator and professor at Cal State University, San Bernardino, as well as the show’s host, Hunter March. “Morgan Peterson has a style all her own. It’s a little bit out there. I’m really excited to see what she produces,” Gray said early on.

First piece was called “Best Friends” which was a toaster and bathtub. “Who doesn’t love a bad idea?” Luckily for Morgan, despite not meeting the criteria of making a bigger piece, survived the first round.

The second challenge they had to make a piece that represented what they wanted to be growing up. She created a knife throwing board because she wanted to join the circus growing up. Morgan’s mixing of black and white glass, which is really difficult to do, wowed the judges and she won the challenge.

Morgan's second piece of glass work on the show

Morgan’s second piece of glass work on the show (Netflix).

For the third competition Morgan collaborated with co-star Jonathan Capps in making birch trees with falling leaves. They didn’t win, but they definitely came close.

Morgan's third piece of artwork

Morgan’s fourth piece of artwork (Netflix).

In the fourth challenge, Morgan again came out on top. Her scary mushroom with a knife in its mouth spooked the evaluators.

The candy piece inspired by Morgan's diabetes

The candy piece inspired by Morgan’s diabetes (Netflix).

“Mine is about being diabetic. I love candy but I can’t eat it or it’ll kill me,” Morgan explained about her fifth piece of glass work, which was a giant syringe and candy balls. Morgan didn’t win, but she definitely had one of the better glass works again.

Morgan's monster mirror artwork

Morgan’s monster mirror artwork (Netflix).

On the sixth competition, Morgan had to use the inspiration from a kid’s monster drawing. She made a monster mirror and horrific makeup.

Blown Away season 4 winner Morgan's Venetian glasswork

Blown Away season 4 winner Morgan’s Venetian glasswork (Netflix).

“So this is about the opioid crisis. One of my friend’s son was struggling with an opioid addiction and he died at 20 years old. You’re never going to stop people from trying drugs, it’s never going to happen. There’s too much money to be made, so we have to educate the youth so they know,” Morgan explained about her seventh piece of artwork which was a candy gumball machine filled with glass pills. Morgan also said she has a lot of friends who also died from drug addiction.

Peterson's final glass installation on the show

Peterson’s final glass installation on the show (Netflix).

The conceptual artist then created “every Cloud has a Silver Lining… But, I Prefer Gold” for the eighth competition, which involved creating glass clouds raining down golden droplets in to a puddle with a four-leaf clover.

Morgan’s second last creation, “American glassblower chasing the Venetian Dragon,” managed to beat the other two remaining competitors, despite her lack of Venetian glassblowing experience.

In the finale, Morgan went all out, recreating six crime scenes in her display “If you ask me…” which involved glow-in-the-dark glass and inspiration from the musical Chicago.

In the end, Morgan won the entire Blown Away season 4 competition. She won a prize package worth $100,000 USD, as well as a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass, where her final installation is now put up on display. Morgan also received an all-expenses-paid residency in Venice, Italy, with glass legend Adriano Berengo.

“That’s a lifelong dream of mine. Ooh, I want it so bad,” Morgan said at the start of the show competition. Well, now she’s made it and living out her dreams. Learn more about the rest of the Blown Away season 4 cast here.

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