Below Deck S11: Are Barbie And Kyle Still Together?

Below Deck S11: Are Barbie And Kyle Still Together

According to Chief Steward Fraser Olender, stewardess Barbara “Barbie” Pascual and deckhand Kyle Stillie were going at it like dogs while working on superyacht St. David on Below Deck season 11. In another preview clip, Barbie tells her rich dad she may have done a few things he wouldn’t be proud of. Although Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby likely tries to make a move on Barbie, Kyle ended up winning her affections. That said, Barbie wasn’t at all impressed with Kyle drunkenly prancing around nude on crew nights out. So, are Barbie and Kyle still together after Below Deck season 11?

Bravo released another trailer a week before the Below Deck season 11 premiere, which shows Kyle joining Barbie in the shower. In the trailer, Barbie also chastises Kyle for always getting naked on crew nights out. “All I’m asking you is to keep your [bleep] in your pants,” she says, clearly annoyed.

"The Dug" or Woogie Bear Paws is deckhand Kyle's beloved dog

“The Dug” or Woogie Bear Paws is deckhand Kyle’s beloved dog (Instagram).

Barbie and Kyle’s racy boatmance appears to sail out the season. But did the two stay together in a relationship after Below Deck season 11 stopped filming in early 2023 in Grenada?

Unfortunately, Barbie and Kyle don’t look like they lasted for much longer after meeting while working as yachties on Below Deck season 11. Apparently Ben and Kyle’s frat boy antics wore on the girls they were dating. Deckhand Marie “Sunny” Marquis couldn’t stand Ben trying to two-time her with another woman on the boat. Factoring in Kyle and Ben being best buds on the season, and the two barking like hound dogs, Kyle may have also played Barbie at some point during the season, too.

Below Deck Season 11: Are Barbie And Kyle Still Together After Filming The Show?

Furthermore, Barbie lives in Florida now, and sometimes goes back to her home city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kyle lives very far away in the UK, in Cullen, Moray, Scotland. That’s about a ten-hour flight they’d be separated by in their long-distance relationship. That said, a couple months after filming, in May, Barbie shared a post on Instagram of her in Edinburgh, Scotland. After dating a guy from Scotland on a reality TV show is it possible she went to visit his home country without seeing her boatmance on the show? Not likely.

Barbie living in Barbie's rich world where she flies on private jets courtesy of her wealthy father

Barbie flying on a private jet (Instagram).

However, like many boatmances before, where the couple visit each other in the real world, this boatmance looks like it fizzled out. Or, more aptly, an ugly breakup may have ensued. Barbie no longer follows Kyle on Instagram. But Kyle still follows Barbie. Perhaps Barbie unfollowed Kyle before the premiere, though, to make it look like the two broke up. If Barbie really did want to make it work, she could easily afford to fly and visit Kyle whenever she so desires. The stunning brunette travels as often as she likes and often flies on private jets. Perhaps she even brought her French Bulldog Koosh along to meet Kyle’s dog.

Barbara's love of her life, her French Bulldog Koosh

Barbara’s love of her life, her French Bulldog Koosh (Instagram).

Barbie visiting Edinburgh, Scotland, not far from where her boatmance Kyle lives

Barbie visiting Edinburgh, Scotland, not far from where her boatmance Kyle lives (Instagram).

We’ll have to wait until the end of the season to get final confirmation on whether or not Barbie and Kyle are still together. Meanwhile, Ben and Sunny look like they’re definitely still dating after Below Deck season 11. They must’ve worked out their issues from their rocky boatmance on the show. Check out more Below Deck season 11 spoilers here.

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