Physical 100’s Maze Quest 2 Teams, Rules, Winners & Loser Eliminations

Physical 100's Maze Quest 2 Teams, Rules, Winners & Loser Eliminations

Physical 100‘s Maze Quest 2 showed Netflix pulled out all the stops for season 2. In the underground arena, show production built massive walls and intricate maze for the Physical 100 season 2 contestants to compete in lifting heavy cargo to three scale docking stations. The giant maze competition had viewers abuzz, especially on the best strategy for teams to execute in order to win. Here’s everything Physical 100 season 2 fans need to know about the maze quest, including the ten teams, rules, winners and loser contestants’ eliminations.

Physical 100 Season 2’s Maze Quest 2 Rules

“The second quest with the entire team’s fate on the line is a five-on-five maze quest. Each team will have 15 minutes to move the supplies located at the supply depot to the three capture zones within the maze. The supplies can weigh anywhere from 6 to 20 kilograms,” explained the AI computer host. The amount of weight in pounds of the items are between 13 and 44 lbs.

“Each capture zone has a set of scales. Depending on the weight each team loads, the scale will tip in one direction. At the beginning of the match, the scales will be fixed in place. But five minutes into the match, they will be activated. Raising the flag of the team that loaded more weight onto the scales. You may not take the opposing team’s supplies or impede their progress before the scale is activated. Under no circumstances are you allowed to take supplies from the other team within the capture zone. Even after a flag has gone up, the owner of the zone may keep changing until the time runs out. In addition, special supplies, which are heavier than normal, will be hidden throughout the maze. When 15 minutes are up, the team with more capture zones, wins.”

Some fans were confused when contestants started stealing bags of weight from the opposing team. But the rules clearly stated for the first five minutes no one can steal from each other. However, the last ten minutes the rules change. As long as an opposing player isn’t in the capture zone (a room with the scales) they can be stolen. Although there are barrels that weight much more, it appears the detour of finding them in dead ends didn’t generally payoff.

Physical 100‘s Maze Quest 2 Teams

Before the competition started, the remaining 50 players after the one-on-one death match had to vote for the contestants they’d most like to be on a team with. The survey determined the ten team leaders for the competition who turned out to be (in order of popularity): Kim Dong-hyun, Hong Beom-seok, Amotti, Lee Won-hee, Jung Ji-hyun, Kim Min-su, Lee Jae-yoon, Andre Jin, Hwang Choong-won, and Lee Jang-kun.

MMA fighter Kim Dong-hyun got to pick first to add to his team of five. In the end, he selected Jung Dae-jin, Ko Jong-hun, Lee Ho-yeon, and Wi Sung-oh.

Kim Dong-hyun's team on Physical 100 season 2's Maze Quest 2

Kim Dong-hyun’s team on Physical 100 season 2’s Maze Quest 2 (Netflix).

The other nine teams consisted of the following competitors:

Team Hong Beom-seok for quest 2

Team Hong Beom-seok for quest 2 (Netflix).

Amotti's team for Maze Quest 2

Amotti’s team for Maze Quest 2 (Netflix).

Team Lee Won-hee for quest 2

Team Lee Won-hee for quest 2 (Netflix).

Jung Ji-hyun's team on Physical 100 season 2

Jung Ji-hyun’s team on Physical 100 season 2 (Netflix).

Kim Min-su's team on Physical 100 season 2

Kim Min-su’s team on Physical 100 season 2 (Netflix).

Team Lee Jae-yoon for Maze Quest 2

Team Lee Jae-yoon for Maze Quest 2 (Netflix).

Andre Jin's team on Physical 100 season 2

Andre Jin’s team on Physical 100 season 2 (Netflix).

Hwang Choong-won's team for Maze Quest 2

Hwang Choong-won’s team for Maze Quest 2 (Netflix).

Lee Jang-kun's team on Quest 2

Lee Jang-kun’s team on Quest 2 (Netflix).

Physical 100 Season 2’s Maze Quest 2 Winners, Loser Eliminations & Strategy

The first five vs. five matchup saw team leader Hwang Choon-won and his four teammates compete against Lee Won-hee’s team. Won-hee’s team ended up coming up with a stronger strategy of just focusing winning two spots instead of aiming at all three. Meanwhile, Choon-won’s team decided to hit all three scales. Although the red team added some heavy barrels, they took up to much space on the scale. In the end, Hwang Choong-won, Kim dong-hyun, Lee Jun-ha, Sim Yu-ri, and Jo Ha-rang were all eliminated due to poor strategy of going for all three scales.

Lee Won-hee’s team won, which meant his four teammates, Park Da-sol, Ham Young-jin, Kim Yeong-chan, Lim Soo-jin, were winners too.

The second matchup included Team Kim Dong-hyun faced off against Team Amotti. Similar to the previous winning team, Dong-hyun suggested they only take two. Unfortunately, the other team tried to split their resources among all three. Dong-hyun and his teammates are very physically imposing, so they used that to their advantage, and started blocking their opponents from delivering their bags. They also stole some of them. The blue team of Dong-hyun was victorious, and his teammates Jung Dae-jin, Ko Jong-hun, Lee Ho-yeon, and Wi Sung-oh also lived to fight another day. Meanwhile, Amotti, Kim Jee-Hyuk, Kim Do-Hyeon, Kim Ki-Hyuk, and Kang Young-seo were all eliminated.

Hong Beom-seok, Gibson, Kang Cheong-myeong, Seol Young-ho, Park Ha-yan worked well as a team and focused on two scales. On the other hand, Lee Jang-kun, Kim Hyeong-kyu, Kim Amugae, Go Min-Jung, Hong Da-eun couldn’t agree on a clear plan. Team Hong Beom-seok were announced the winners at the start of episode 5, meaning Lee Jang-kun and his teammates were all eliminated.

The fourth five-on-five was a matchup of blue team’s Jung Ji-hyun, Seo Young-woo, Ha Moo-Kyoung, Jang Jun-Hyuk, and Kim Ji-eun against red team’s Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung, and Lee Hyun-jeong. The blue team again tried to diversify and cover all three, which put them behind. They then changed their strategy and started wrestling their opponents to slow them down. However, this tactic was futile because it took out their own teammates as well from adding bags to catch up. The match concluded with Jung Ji-hyun’s team losing and getting eliminated.

The final matchup for Maze Quest 2 was Team Kim Min-su versus Team Andre Jin. Kim Min-su’s blue team, including Chong Te-se, Jang Sung-yeop, Eom Dae-Hyun, and Kim Dam-bi used the strategy of targeting their opponents. which didn’t work out for them. Fan-favorite and Korean Thanos, Kim Min-su and his team were sent packing.

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