Physical 100 Season 2 Contestants (Full List): Jobs, Names, IGs, YouTubes, TikToks

Physical 100 Season 2 Cast (Full List): Jobs, Names, IGs, YouTubes, TikToks

Physical 100 season 2 debuts on Netflix on March 17, 2024. Since we have another 100 plaster busts ready to be smashed, let’s take a closer look at the Physical 100 season 2 contestant full list. Competitor names and face cards were released on Reddit over February 21-26 in five short videos. Each video featured one group of participants, who had been roughly sorted by their jobs. Group 1 was “The Warriors“, Group 2 are “National Athletes“, and Group 3 was called “IT BODY.” Next we had Group 4, “Superstar Athletes“, and finally there was Group 5, “Athletic Celebrities.” (“The Warriors” are MMA fighters, military personnel and bodybuilders, while “IT BODY” seems to be fit civilians.)

Physical 100 Season 2 Contestants Full List: Big Names

On Physical 100 season 1, winner Woo Jin-Yong came out of nowhere, so just because you’re well known doesn’t guarantee you a win. Still, the celebrities were a big part of the show so let’s list the main ones here:

Lee Jang-Jun: Rapper, K-pop Idol

Physical 100 season 2 competitor Lee Jang-Jun

Physical 100 season 2 competitor Lee Jang-Jun (Instagram).

A member of 10-man boy band Golden Child, Jang Jun (as he is known) is famous for his ripped physique. K-pop idols are not known for their personalities, but he has a very long list of TV and movie credits. His personal Instagram is here.

Kim Dong-Hyun: MMA Fighter

Physical 100 cast member Kim Dong-Hyun (Instagram).

Physical 100 season 2 cast member Kim Dong-Hyun (Instagram).

A UFC staple in their welterweight division, “Stun Gun” has an impressive 22-4-1 record in active competition. He is also known as “Cicada” in Korean for his technique of pinning people to the ground. Kim was married in 2018 and has 3 children. His Instagram is here and his YouTube is here.

Park Kwang-Jae: Actor & Food Vlogger

Physical 100 cast member Park Kwang-jae

Physical 100 season 2 cast member Park Kwang-jae (Instagram).

Park is known for playing villains, mob bosses and tough guys. Here is a list of his TV and film credits. He is also a former professional basketball player. Here is his IG and his YouTube.

Hong Beom-Seok: Elite Soldier

Hong Beom-Seok AKA agent H is returning for a second time on Physical 100 season 2

Retired firefighter Hong Beom-Seok is returning for a second time on Physical 100 season 2 (Instagram).

Hong Beom-seok is the only returning competitor from season 1. He’s best known for his 10-year Special Forces career and being an ex-firefighter. He’s no stranger to reality TV, as he’s competed on many Korean reality TV shows. His IG can be found here, and his YouTube, Mission Possible, which breaks down his elite soldier skills, is here.

Kang Seo-Yeon: Single’s Inferno Season 1 Participant

Kang Seo-Yeon competed in Physical 100 season 2

Kang Seo-Yeon competed in Physical 100 season 2 (Instagram).

A standout from another major Netflix Korean property, Kang is a former singer, model and actress. She is quite the athlete, and plays a ridiculous number of sports, and owns a boxing gym. She is also quite tall, which is an attribute that has worked against her. She has an IG, a YouTube channel, and a TikTok account.

Lee Won-Hee – National judo athlete

Lee Won-Hee is a gold-medalist in Judo

Lee Won-Hee is a gold-medalist in Judo (Instagram).

An Olympic gold medalist in Judo for Korea in 2004, Lee is also a respected university professor and had a PhD. He’s shown up on several other reality shows, such as Korea’s version of The Masked Singer. Despite all this he still maintains an Instagram and a YouTube channel.

Jung Ji-Hyun – National wrestler

Korean wrestler Jung Ji-Hyun competed on Physical 100 season 2

Korean wrestler Jung Ji-Hyun competed on Physical 100 season 2 (Instagram).

Another 2004 Olympic gold medalist, the decorated Jung is also a national wrestling team coach. He’s still promoting wrestling around Korea and recently inaugurated the Korean Youth Wrestling Federation. This is his IG, and here is his YouTube.

Jong Te-Se – Soccer player

Soccer player Jong Te-Se competed on Physical 100 season 2

Soccer player Jong Te-Se competed on Physical 100 season 2 (Instagram).

The first North Korean to compete on the show, Jong is Japanese-born and represented the national team at FIFA 2010. He is a dual national thanks to his South Korean father. He has an Instagram.

Lim Soo-Jin – Bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Lim Soo-Jin

Bodybuilder Lim Soo-Jin (Instagram).

Lim has won several bodybuilding competitions despite not even being 30. Her showings can be found here, and here is her Instagram.

Ko Hyo-Joo – Skateboarder

Ko Hyo-joo sporting a Canadian tuxedo

Ko Hyo-joo sporting a Canadian tuxedo (Instagram).

This unique competitor is known for travelling through all sorts of environments on her skateboard. She is a very skilled influencer with not one but two Instagrams and a YouTube.

Physical 100 Season 2 Full Cast List: All Other Competitors

Sim Yu-Ri – MMA fighter.

Kang Cheong-Myeong – Korea Coast Guard officer

Ku Sung-Hoe – Reserve Sergeant first class. Instagram and YouTube

Ko Jung-Hun – Special Operation unit member. Instagram and YouTube

Gibson – United States Army officer

Park Woo-Jin – Korea Coast Guard officer

Seol Young-Ho – MMA fighter. Instagram and YouTube

Jo Sung-Bin – MMA fighter. Instagram

Han Young-Jin – Police officer

Hunter Lee – FBI diplomat

Hwang Mun-Kyeong – Firefighter/paramedic

Jang Sun-Yeop – Bodybuilder. YouTube and Instagram

Lee Hyun-Woo – Bodybuilder

Kang Eun-Hee – Bodybuilder.

Kim Nam-Wook – Bodybuilder

Kim Min-Su – Bodybuilder. Instagram and YouTube

Jung You-In – National swimmer. Instagram

Shin Soo-Ji – National rhythmic athlete. Instagram

Park Seung-Hee – National short-track speed skater. Instagram

Mo Tae-Bum – National speed skater. Instagram

Andre Jin – National rugby team athlete. Instagram

Kim Do-Hyeon – National boxer

Kim Dong-Hyun – National bobsledder Instagram

Kim Jae-Hyuk – National rowing team athlete. Instagram

Kim Hyeong-Kyu – National boxer. Instagram

Kim Hye-Bin – National wushu sanda team athlete

Kang Min-Su – National sport climber

Park Da-Sol – National judo athlete. Instagram

Park Yeon-Su – National powerlifter

Park Hee-Jun – National karate athlete. Instagram

Seo Young-Woo – National bobsledder. Instagram

Kang Young-Soo – National alpine skier Instagram

Eom Dae-Hyun – National parkour athlete. Instagram and YouTube

Lee Ye-Joo – National kurash athlete

Lee Jang-Kun – National kabaddi team athlete Instagram

Chang Yong-Heung – National rugby team athlete. Instagram

Lee Hyun-Jeong – Physical Education teacher

Jo Ha-Rang – National handball team player

Joo Min-Kyung – National arm wrestler. Instagram and YouTube

Choi Won-Jae – National cheerleading team athlete

Heo Kyung-Hee – National rugby team athlete

Hwang Choong-Won – Heavy equipment operator. Instagram

Lee Hyun-Jin – Actor. Instagram

Hong Da-Eun – Arborist

Power Who YAMI – Cosplayer. Twitter

Kim Ki-Hyuk – Announcer. Instagram

Kim Amugae – YouTuber. YouTube (obviously) and Instagram

Ahn Sung-Hwan – Food Service company CEO. Instagram, joint Instagram with his wife, and YouTube.

Sim Sung-Eon – Nurse. Instagram

Son Yeon-Seok – Office worker

Wi Sung-Oh – Trainer. Instagram

Yoon Han-Jin – College student (Special PhysEd) Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

Jang Yoon-Sung – Food Service company CEO

Jeon Hee-Jeong – Stunt performer

Jo Han – College student (Sports and Leisure)

Ju Sung-Min – Doctor of Korean Medicine. Instagram and YouTube

Juyang – Apparel company CEO. Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Kim Hee-Hyun – Ballet Dancer. Instagram and YouTube

Kim Bong-Yun – Carpenter. Instagram

Kang Ki-Jun – Jige Porter.

Park Ha-Yan – Handball player. Instagram

Kim Ji-Eun – Track and Field athlete. Instagram and YouTube

Hwang Chan-Seok – Ssireum athlete. Instagram

Kim Dam-Bi – Weightlifter. Instagram

Go Min-Jung – Professional Crossfitter. Instagram

Kim Yeong-Chan – Taekkyon athlete

Ryu Si-Hyun – Street Lifting athlete. Instagram

Amber Yang – Professional Crossfitter. Instagram

Lee Jun-Ha – American Football player

Im Su-Jeong – Ssireum athlete

Kim Min-Ho – Professional wrestler

Jang Jun-Hyuk – Wrestler

Choi Soo-Jin – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. Instagram

Hong Hyeon-Jun – Long drive golfer. Instagram

Ha Moo-Kyoung – Handball player.

Lee Jae-Yoon – Actor. Instagram

Amotti – Crossfitter. Instagram, YouTube

KNYCKS – Dancer. Instagram, YouTube

Kwon Ga-Young – Fitness model. Instagram

Lee Kyu-Ho – Actor. Instagram

GPT – YouTuber. Instagram, YouTube

Noh Sung-Yul – Martial Arts Practitioner. Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

Lee Ho-Yeon – Model. Instagram

Justin Harvey – Actor. Instagram

Jeon Jong-Hyeok – Singer

Jung Dae-Jin – Sports model. Instagram, YouTube

Kang Seung-Min – YouTuber. Instagram, YouTube

Kim Woo-Joo – Fashion model. Instagram

Emmanuel – Fitness model

No Seung-Hyuk – Dance artist. Instagram

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