Is Below Deck Season 12 Canceled After Season 11’s Low Ratings?

Is Below Deck Season 12 Canceled After Season 11's Low Ratings?

Ratings for TV networks have been dropping everywhere for years now. More and more people are migrating to streaming services. Even so, the Below Deck franchise is majorly sinking its TV viewership in the airing of Below Deck season 11. Below Deck Adventure‘s Captain Kerry Titheradge replaced OG Captain Lee Rosbach on the latest season of the flagship show, which was supposed to help refreshen things on the show. Furthermore, producers brought back yachtie player Ben Willoughby and witty Brit Chief Steward Fraser Olender to keep some familiarity. However, Below Deck season 11’s low ratings has some fans wondering: Is Below Deck season 12 canceled?

For the record, Bravo hasn’t yet made any announcement on the future of the original Below Deck series. But it doesn’t appear Below Deck season 12 filmed yet, despite previous seasons usually filming in January and February, or sometimes into March during a six-week production schedule. Typically, filming of the latest season has leaked on the subreddit r/belowdeck. But nothing has come out on season 12 as of writing, and we’re now in April.

Instead, in a New York Times article from March 15, senior vide president of current reality TV production at NBCUniversal Noah Samton said Below Deck Down Under season 3 was currently filming. Show Staw News independently verified — via Instagram activity — that the returning and new cast of Below Deck Down Under season 3 were filming in Seychelles, a stunning East African country made up of islands in the western Indian Ocean.

So, could Bravo be holding off on filming Below Deck season 12? Were TV executives waiting to see the reception of fans to the new captain and crew before deciding whether to pull the plug?

Bravo already cancelled Below Deck Adventure after one season due to its anemic ratings. The show, set in stunning Norway, only averaged 551,000 viewers per episode and 140,000 in the key demographic of ages 18-49, per Nielsen.

Is Below Deck Season 12 Canceled After Season 11’s Low Ratings?

That said, Below Deck season 11 isn’t performing too badly in comparison. After nine episodes, the show based in exotic Grenada, has netted an average of 769,000 viewers, per Nielsen. That’s a drop of a quarter million nightly viewers from Below Deck season 10‘s average of 1,070,000. Even worse, the coveted advertiser-friendly demographic dropped from 260,000 to 179,000. And Below Deck season 10 previously dropped 200,000 viewers from Below Deck season 9‘s average of 1.27 million viewers. However, the show may be getting bailed out with viewers watching the show on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock, instead. Peacock had gained over 31 million subscribers by the end of 2023. There’s no public data letting us know how well Below Deck season 11 is performing with that massive subscriber base.

That said, Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 also showed an alarming drop in TV viewership from season 7. The viewership sunk from 860,000 to 613,000.

Thus, Below Deck season 12’s future likely lies on how well the show and other spinoffs are performing on Peacock. Despite the Monday timeslot on Bravo changing to 9 PM EST instead of 8, the show is performing okay. But some of the fanbase could be weary. The yachting show is in its 26th season. Perhaps lots of viewers feel overindulged.

In conclusion, the TV ratings aren’t so dire that NBCUniversal execs will cancel the show. Furthermore, Below Deck Med was renewed for another season despite a worse performance on Bravo. So the show should be renewed for another season. To top it off, Below Deck is a relatively cheap production to make. Even though production has to rent a superyacht for six weeks, charter guests pay big money to charter it.

In the mean time, Bravo’s already greenlit Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5, BDDU season 3, and Below Deck Med season 9. So fans can expect lots more Below Deck in 2024, regardless if, and when, Below Deck season 12 films and airs.

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