Physical 100’s Park Ha-Yan: Handball Career, Pet, IG, Relationship, More

Physical 100’s Park Ha-Yan: Handball Career, Pet, IG, Relationship, More

It looks like the champion of Physical 100 Season 2 won’t be a woman, but Park Ha-Yan came the closest. She was eliminated in Quest 4, where she was forced to push 150 kg (330.5 lb) rollers down a track. Park is a talented handball player, but feats of strength are not her thing. She was an integral part of team Hong Beom-Seok, who crushed Quests 2 and 3 with minimal difficulty. But, she struggled to move just 5 of the heavy bags in Quest 3. It was only thanks to her teammate, Army officer Gibson, that her team was able to finish at all. When it came to the deathmatch, Physical 100’s Park Ha-Yan won convincingly against gymnast Shin Soo-Ji.

Park Ha-Yan didn’t just last longer than any other woman on this season. She also lasted the longest in the pre-quest, making it to 36th place out of 100. Her elimination will further heat up the debate about whether there should be a woman-only season. What else is there to know about Park Ha-Yan?

Physical 100‘s Park Ha-Yan: Instagram, Handball Career, Handball and Soccer Team, Birthday, Zodiac, Fashion Shoot, Sports, Championships

Park Ha-yan enjoying a day off from training

Park Ha-yan enjoying a day off from training (Instagram).

Park’s main social media outlet is Instagram, where she has an account with a modest 13,000 followers. Park is a fairly private person, but we can find out a few details about her. She has been a handball player for over 20 years. However we don’t have any evidence of her being on the women’s national team. We also know her birthday, but confirming her age is harder. Ha-yan’s special day is June 12, making her a social butterfly Gemini. Like many contestants on Physical 100, Park obtained a coveted sponsorship from Nike. She also participated in a W Korea black and white fashion shoot. Park also seems to be close to singer Kim Bokyoung, also known as Neon.

It’s a huge understatement to say that Park is obsessed with fitness. Besides handball, she can be found weightlifting, practicing judo and even occasionally soccer. Some of her IG stories show her as part of the female soccer team FC Rumour. Her primary handball team, however, seems to be the SK Sugar Gliders. Some of her stories showing her in uniform date back to 2022, when the Gliders were champions and became a professional team. They have won the Asian Women’s Club Handball League Championship two years running. However, Park retired at the end of 2022, so she only won the championship once.

Physical 100‘s Park Ha-Yan: Friends, Relationship Status, Pet, Pet’s Birthday

Park Ha-yan at a Judo competition

Park Ha-yan at a Judo competition (Instagram).

Park is very close with some of her girl friends. She has another group of stories showing pictures of exclusively women marked with the emoji showing two women holding hands. The captions are in Korean of course but there are plenty of red and pink hearts and love emojis.

Park Ha-yan doesn’t have any significant other she’s openly dating. She does not appear to be in a relationship at this time.

Park’s other great love is animals, and one post shows her having a discussion with a goose. However she is closest to her beloved Pomeranian whose name appears to be “Parkbok” if the translation is to be believed. Parkbok’s 2nd birthday seems to be Oct 3 2018. Park has proven herself to be an elite athlete and things can only get better from here.

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