Physical 100 S2: Pre-Quest Rankings For Contestants & Rules Explained

Physical 100 S2: Pre-Quest Rankings For Contestants & Rules Explained

Physical 100 Underground season 2 started off with a bang. After all the Physical 100 season 2 contestants entered the underground arena and met for the first time and compared each other’s busts and bodies, the pre-quest 0 started immediately. The challenge included 100 curved treadmills with tension for all competitors to race each other on. The show’s host, an AI-like computer monitor, explained the rules of three round and eliminations cruelly ranking everyone from 1 to 100. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the pre-quest rankings for contestants and the rules explained.

“The pre-quest mission consists of three rounds. The first round will last for ten minutes. All 100 contestants will run. The distance covered is logged and the bottom 50 are eliminated,” said the AI supercomputer host.

“The second round fifty contestants will run and 40 will be eliminated. seven minutes. The third and final round will last five minutes. The final ten will run and the winner will be decided.”

Instead of anyone being actually eliminated from the show, however, the pre-quest decided the ranking of all the competitors, with the ones making it further in the competition getting a leg-up on the competition.

“And that number will provide you with a significant advantage as you start your first quest.”

Physical 100 S2: Pre-Quest Rankings For Bottom 50 Contestants In First Round

Last place finisher Wi Sung-ho on the pre-quest challenge

Last place finisher Wi Sung-ho on the pre-quest challenge (Netflix).

The first fifty cast members eliminated ran valiantly. Unfortunately they didn’t have the stamina nor the fitness to run as far as the other fifty competitors. Coming in dead last, and with little surprise, Wi Sung-ho (trainer), running only 476 meters. Lee Kyu-ho (actor) finished in second last at number 99 and only making a distance of 828 meters.

Here’s an full list of the other competitors that dropped out in the first round of the pre-quest:

  • 98th Joo Seong-min (doctor) 1,130 meters
  • 97th Kang Eun-hee (bodybuilder) 1,165 m
  • 96th Lim Su-joong (ssiroum athlete) 1,186 m
  •  95th Jang Sung-yeop (bodybuilder) 1,222 m
  •  94th Kang Saung-min (fitness YouTuber) 1,246 m
  • 93rd Park Kwang-jae (actor) 1,323 m
  • 92nd Hong Hyun-jun (golfer) 1,392 m
  • 91st Go Hya-joo (skateboarder) 1,431 m
  • 90th Noh Seong-yul (martial arts tricker) 1,487 m
  • 89th Jang Jun-hyeok (high school wrestler) 1,494 m
  • 88th Kwon Go-young (fitness model) 1,503 m
  • 87th Shin Soo-ji (national rhythmic gymnast) 1,512 m
  • 86th Kim Dam-bi (weightlifter) 1,545 m
  • 85th Kim Min-ho (pro wrestler) 1,552 m
  • 84th Kang So-yeon (TV personality) 1,577 m
  • 83rd Emmanuel (fitness model) 1,588 m
  • 82nd Kim Do-hyeon (national boxer) 1,599 m
  • 81st Kim Min-su (bodybuilder) 1,605 m
  • 80th Kim Bong-yun (carpenter) 1,629 m
  • 79th Park Soung-hee (national ice skater) 1,657 m
  • 78th Choi Soo-in (jiujitsu athlete) 1,657 m
  • 77th Hwang Munk-yang (firefighter) 1,661 m
  • 76th Go Minjung (CrossFitter) 1,670 m
  • 75th Choi Won-jee (national cheerleader) 1,671 m
  • 74th Lim Soo-jin (bodybuilder) 1,688 m
  • 73rd Park Yeon-su (national powerlifter) 1,704 m
  • 72nd Kim Dong-hyun (national bobsledder) 1,709 m
  • 71st GPT (Fitness YouTuber) 1,712 m
  • 70th Jung You-in (national swimmer) 1,727 m
  • 69th Sim Seong-eon (nurse) 1,741 m
  • 68th Ryu Si-hyun (street lifting athlete) 1,743 m
  • 67th Ju-yang (fashion industry CEO) 1,750 m
  • 66th Jo Ha-rang (handball player) 1,759 m
  • 65th Jeon Hee-jung (stuntwoman) 1,764 m
  • 64th Hwang Choong-won (heavy equipment CEO) 1,766 m
  • 63rd Loo Hyun-woo (bodybuilder) 1,776 m
  • 62nd Kim Nam-wook (bodybuilder) 1,767 m
  • 61st Heo Kyunghee (national rugby player) 1,776 m
  • 60th Lee Won-hee (national judo athlete) 1,781 m
  • 59th Park Da-sol (national judo athlete) 1,784 m
  • 58th Amber Yang (CrossFitter) 1,788 m
  • 57th Lee Hyun-jin (actor) 1,793 m
  • 56th Lee Ya-ju (national Kurash athlete) 1,795 m
  • 55th Gibson (US Army Officer) 1,796 m
  • 54th Joo Min-kyung (national arm wrestler) 1,809 m
  • 53rd Hong Dae-um (arborist) 1,811 m
  • 52nd Eom Dae-hyun (national parkourist) 1,835 m
  • 51st Yoon Han-jin (department of special physical education/national athlete) 2,626 m

Physical 100 Season 2: Pre-Quest Rankings In Second Round

The second round only lasted seven minutes, and everyone ran their hardest. The last of the women were knocked out in this round, with Park Ha-yawn lasting the longest of any of the ladies. Here were the results of the 40 who were eliminated at the end of 17 minutes of running.

  • 50th Hunter Lee (FBI Agent) 3,110 meters 
  • 49th Lee Hyun-jung (physical education teacher) 3,156 m
  • 48th Kim Hye-bin (national wushu fighter) 3,164 m
  • 47th Shim Yuri (MMA Fighter) 3,176 m
  • 46th Lee Jun-ha (American football player) 3,244 m
  • 45th Kang Young-seo (national alpine skier) 3,266 m
  • 44th Jo Han (college student) 3,276 m
  • 43rd Mo Taebum (national ice skater) 3,277 m
  • 42nd Kim Hyeong-kyu (national boxer) 3,280 m
  • 41st Kim Ji-eun (national tack and field runner) 3,298 m
  • 40th Lee Jae-yoon (actor) 3,298 m
  • 39th Seo Young-woo (national bobsledder) 3,300 m
  • 38th Han Young-jin (police officer) 3,308 m
  • 37th Kang Min-su (bodybuilder) 3,349 m
  • 36th Park Ha-yan (handball player) 3,375 m
  • 35th KNYCKS (street dancer) 3,378 m
  • 34th Nom Seung-hyeok (dancer) 3,379 m
  • 33rd Hwang Chan-Seok (Ssireum athlete) 3,400 m
  • 32nd Power Who Yami (cosplayer) 3,432 m
  • 31st Kim Hee-hyeon (ballet dancer) 3,439 m
  • 30th Ahn Seong-hwan (food service CEO) 3,448 m
  • 29th Seol Young-ho (MMA fighter) 3,454 m
  • 28th Son Young-seok (office worker) 3,458 m
  • 27th Kim Yeong-Chan (Taekkyon athlete)  3,466 m
  • 26th Justin Harvey (actor) 3,481 m
  • 25th Kim Woo-joo (model) 3,524 m
  • 24th Park Hee-jun (national karate athlete) 3,534 m
  • 23rd Kim Ki-hyuk (announcer) 3,565 m
  • 22nd Jeon Jong-hyeok (singer) 3,547 m
  • 21st Lee Ho-yeon (model) 3,556 m
  • 20th Lee Jang-jun (idol Golden Child) 3,649 m
  • 19th Lee Jang-kun (national kabaddi) 3,656 m
  • 18th Kang Cheong-myeong (Korea Coast Guard officer) 3,666 m
  • 17th Jang Yoon-sung (Food Service company CEO) 3,674 m
  • 16th Kim Amugae (YouTuber trainer) 3,690 m
  • 15th Chang Yong-heung (National rugby team athlete) 3,708 m
  • 14th Ko Jong-hun (police special operations officer) 3,721 m
  • 13th Jung Ji-hyun (national wrestler) 3,747 m
  • 12th Cho Seong-bin (MMA fighter) 3,778
  • 11th Jung Dae-jin (sports model) 3,799 m

Pre-Quest Rankings For Contestants In The Final Round

Professional rower Kim Jae-hyuk came very close to winning the pre-quest on Physical 100 season 2

Professional rower Kim Jae-hyuk came very close to winning the pre-quest on Physical 100 season 2 (Netflix).

In the end, the only returning Physical 100 season 1 contestant, Hong Beom-seok, showed why he was invited back. He won the entire competition, but it was a close finish in the last five minutes.

  • 10th Kim Dong-hyun (MMA Fighter) 5,009 meters
  • 9th Ha Mook-young (handball player) 5,061 m
  • 8th Park Woo-jin (coast guard) 5,086 m
  • 7th Jong Te-se (soccer player) 5,110 m
  • 6th Andre Jin (national rugby player) 5,204 m
  • 5th Kang Ki-jun (porter) 5,242 m
  • 4th Ku Sung-Hoe (Reserve Sergeant first class) 5,301 m
  • 3rd Amotti (CrossFitter) 5,328 m
  • 2nd Kim Jae-hyuk (national rowing team athlete) 5,456 m
  • 1st Hong Beom-seok (ex firefighter and army officer) 5,472 m

As fans can see, Hong Beom-seok only beat Kim Jae-hyuk the rower by 16 meters! “I saw that I was just a couple steps away from first place, and I couldn’t help but regret that I didn’t go a little harder,” the professional rower said.

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