Captain Lee Revealed Below Deck Filming Vexations From Show

Captain Lee Rosbach isn’t going quietly after production made him walk the plank by no longer letting him star on Bravo’s flagship yachting show, Below Deck. He’s made a podcast, aptly called Salty With Captain Lee, where besides giving his thoughts on Bravolebrities’ latest shenanigans and other news that piques his disdain, answers fans’ questions about his time on the show. On his latest episode of Salty, Captain Lee revealed Below Deck filming vexations that bothered him to no end while making the show.

“I guess it was guest arrival day. We were never ready on time. You could never get the crew out to the aft deck on time, in their full uniforms. I remember one time we had, I can’t remember who the guy was, but he had on two left shoes because he couldn’t find the right one, swear to God,” Captain Lee told his co-host.

That wasn’t the only thing that drove Captain Lee nuts on the show.

Captain Lee Revealed Below Deck Filming Vexations From Show

“During production, well normally, everybody wears sunglasses, but people used to ask me all the time, why I wore sunglasses. Well I was a welder for years. And my eyes have taken quite a beating from extremely bright lights and I’ve had welder’s burns more times than I care to count. But they’d always stick these two enormous, I don’t know, LED lights, that are like two-and-a-half-foot squares, that were right next to each other — right in my face. And I’d be going, ‘Is this really necessary?'” Captain Lee explained.

His co-host jumped in and said that’s why he had his sunglasses on all the time.

“Exactly, and anyone who stood next to me did as well. Because those things were goddamn bright and it hurt. And everybody thinks it’s all glamorous,” the reality TV sailor curmudgeonly added.

Captain Lee swears by his Maui Jims (available on Amazon), wearing many different styles of the iconic sunglasses brand over his time on the show. (Show Star News makes a commission on sales from the affiliate link in this article.)

Captain Lee also shared who was the worst worker he ever encountered on the show, too.

“That’s a tough one without getting into personalities. [Deckhand] Andrew Sturby, was probably the worst worker we ever had. But we was not the worst employee we ever had. I think that goes to, god, there could be a bunch of them. Trevor [Walker], we caught him picking his nose and eating it. We showed that [laughs] too. We had a live shot of that and we aired it [chuckles]. And Dane [Jackson], Dane was another piece of work… Dane was, ‘God, get my ass at 3 O’clock one more god damn time and it’s going to get real ugly.'” Captain Lee said on Salty.

There’s been 27 firings so far in Below Deck history and counting. And all the names Captain Lee mentioned above made the list. Fans will recall Andrew, from season 2, lied on his CV about having yachting experience. He spent more time hanging out with charter guests than working.

He not only did it once, but three times. And he’s still breathing… Lucky for him the cameras were rolling. Eddie [Lucas] almost took [Dane] out. He was so obnoxious and overbearing. And he abused one of the staff at the resort they were staying at so badly that Eddie was right in his nose. I mean, grill to grill.”

New episodes of Salty drop every Wednesday.

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