Love Is Blind: Are Josh And Jackelina Dating After Show?

Love Is Blind: Are Josh And Jackelina Dating After Show?

Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze’s incompatibility issues finally exploded on Love Is Blind season 4. We knew it was coming and we knew it was going to be unpleasant to watch. Miscommunications and past bad experiences led to both members of the pair losing major points with each other and fans. It was so bad that it’s being Love Is Blind fans are asking are Josh and Jackelina Dating? While we didn’t see most of their struggle, the confrontation where Jackie nearly walked away was building for a while. In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyJackie claims things started to get bumpy as soon as they moved in with one another. “I instantly knew once we came back from Mexico, once we started moving in and stuff, that’s when we started to bicker,” she said.

Jackie continues, saying, “”We were just getting irritated, and there was some conversation that me and him had that wasn’t really appropriate, and disrespectful things were said. That’s where I was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m good. You go ahead, and I’m going to do me, and that’s it.'” This is probably where we found them in Episode 8, where Marshall appeared to have moved out to cool down. Marshall’s perspective came out at Chelsea Griffin’s birthday celebration later, during a heart to heart with friend Brett Brown. “Let her tell it, she wants me to be more aggressive in the bedroom. You know, someone who will slap her around a bit. Not physically, but like — yeah,” Marshall says. “Not who I am. It’s never who I will be. She wants that toxic kind of love.”

Love Is Blind: Are Josh and Jackelina Dating? Joshing Around

Josh and Jackelina talking about their time in the pods at Chelsea's birthday

Josh and Jackelina talking about their time in the pods at Chelsea’s birthday (Netflix).

Sensing tension at Chelsea’s party, and feeling brave after likely taking a substance or two, certified lover boy Josh Demas went in for a second try at Jackie. Marshall and Jackie had hugged after a confrontation at their apartment, but only after Marshall raised many red flags when he called Jackie “a project to work on.” Jackie also rebutted Marshall’s claim that she insulted his manhood when she claimed she had told him to be more aggressive and spice up their sex life. Josh’s behavior at the party was more than a little ridiculous, bullying Marshall and claiming that he was Mr. Steal Your Girl to his face while manhandling him. The other cast members were horrified and amused — except for Jackie, who was mulling over Josh’s dubious declaration of love when the episode wrapped.

Well, it looks like Jackie found Josh’s neanderthal behavior endearing. Josh and Jackie were spotted on a date at the Seattle Mariners baseball game. A video of the couple taking their seats surfaced the same evening Jackelina posted Instagram stories from the game. Somewhere along the way, Jackelina and Marshall broke up, and Jackie and Josh started dating. We’ll have to wait and see if there was an overlap.

Jackelina also accused Marshall of calling her “the most disgusting name” before meeting his sister, brother-in-law and their daughter on the show.


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While not everyone is sold on Marshall’s obvious white knighting and trying to save Jackie, pretty much nobody wants to see Jackie end up with Josh. That is, unless you truly believe that Jackie deserves a toxic situation over Marshall, or “MBA cry boy” as Josh referred to him. Josh also commented to Jackie that “If you don’t feel like heart-to-heart you’re really going to marry him, pick me.” That makes Marshall’s “project” screwup look tame by comparison. But this is Love Is Blind, so getting what we want is a rarity. That’s the reality.

Love Is Blind: Are Josh and Jackelina Dating?

There was zero evidence that Josh and Jackelina were dating until the baseball game. They don’t follow one another on Instagram, and Marshall appears in a suit in next week’s preview. We also see Jackie hug a sad-faced Marshall from behind. These two definitely did not work out in the end. There’s a very strong possibility Jackie picked cauliflower ear Josh. Maybe she took some time to work through her own stuff before getting together with Josh. We’ll have to wait for the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode to find out where she’s finally at.

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