Love Is Blind: Josh D’s Cauliflower Ears & Behavior Explained

Love Is Blind: Josh D's Cauliflower Ears & Behavior Explained

Find out why Josh’s ears look like cauliflowers and what was up with his behavior towards Marshall and Jackelina on Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

Love Is Blind season 4 fans can’t get over how cast member Josh Demas‘ cauliflower ears stood out in episode 8 when the self-described “certified lover boy” tried to steal Marshall Glaze‘s fiancee Jackelina Bonds. Fans also suspected he was intoxicated in more than one way at Chelsea Griffin‘s birthday party where he definitely was the playing the role of party-pooper skunk. Fans also wondered what the heck happened to Josh D’s cauliflower ears that look so swollen.

Love Is Blind fans on Reddit and Twitter were shocked by Josh’s belligerent behavior and incoherent ramblings on the show. They also couldn’t believe he grabbed Marshall at the bar and told him he was going to steal his girl.

On top of that, they were confused by his swollen ears.

Some Love Is Blind Fans Think Josh’s Ears From Fighting Could Help Explain His Erratic Behavior

Josh and Jackelina talking about their time in the pods at Chelsea's birthday

Josh and Jackelina talking about their time in the pods at Chelsea’s birthday (Netflix).

“I noticed his ears were jacked up, like what MMA fighters do for fighting. I wonder if he has brain issues from getting hit a lot? He really did sound incoherent, but not just drunk incoherent if that makes sense,” one fan on Reddit noted.

“My husband immediately pointed out the cauliflower ear! I just assumed he was hammered, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he also had some brain damage that affects his impulse control,” said another Redditor.

Cauliflower ear or hematoma auris occurs from repeated blows and bends to ears from physical activities like wrestling. The damaged cartilage restricts blood flow to the outer ear which can cause it to hard and become disfigured. Josh has severe cauliflower ear because he’s a former Ohio State National wrestler and ranked second for no-gi Jiu Jitsu. Fans let Josh and his swollen ears have it regardless.

As for his adversarial behavior on Love Is Blind season 4, however, it looks like he just got extremely intoxicated. Whether or not it was just alcohol is being surmised by some fans, but he what’s clear is he had a chip on his shoulder from his rival Marshall beating him for Jackie’s hand in marriage. Some even think Jackelina and Josh may end up together, and now fans spotted them on a date at a baseball game.

Meanwhile, Josh, a 31-year-old project engineer and wannabe comedian, is posting a lot lately since his cameo appearance in episode 8. He’s mostly embracing his villain status, but also trying to do some PR that he’s not such a bad guy.


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