What Happened To Eddie Lucas After Below Deck Season 9

What Happened to Eddie Lucas After Below Deck Season 9

Below Deck fans love Eddie Lucas for his physical comedy, funny banter, respect for and from Captain Lee, positive attitude and hard work. Unfortunately, Eddie didn’t have the best charter season on Below Deck season 9 as first officer. He also didn’t get invited back for Below Deck season 10. So, fans are wondering, what happened to Eddie Lucas after Below Deck season 9?

Eddie Lucas Bought A House After Below Deck Season 9

Thirty-seven-year-old Eddie bought his first home in Baltimore, Maryland, in early 2022. He bid above the $330,000 sticker price to secure the purchase of a home in the gentrified Hampden neighborhood.

Below Deck Star Eddie Lucas With His Girlfriend & New Home

Below Deck OG and First Officer Eddie Lucas bought a new home. He decided to share the news by also making his relationship with his girlfriend Instagram official in January. Fans first learned of his girlfriend on Below Deck season 9 when he had a phone conversation with her (Instagram).

Eddie’s new home is a row house that has three bedrooms and one bathroom. The OG deckhand from Below Deck season 1 told the New York Post he struggled to save enough money to buy a home because Below Deck stars are paid ‘peanuts’. In the same interview he shared photos of the inside his beautiful new home.

Although Eddie complained about the pay, Below Deck stars do get paid tips, Bravo pay and salary.

Eddie wanted to buy a house in his hometown of Baltimore. He also made sure to buy a home nearby his work at the Port of Baltimore where he works on a tugboat. In a recent interview with Below Deck Med star Malia White, he recounted how he nearly died in a tugboat crash.

He lives in his new home with his girlfriend and his pet puppy dog, Bert, he bought this year.

Below Deck's Eddie Lucas With His Puppy Dog

Eddie Is In A Serious Relationship With His Brazilian-Japanese Girlfriend

Eddie visiting a museum in Potomac, Maryland, in the summer with his girlfriend (Instagram).

Fans were first introduced to Eddie Lucas’s girlfriend on Below Deck season 7 when he called her to say goodnight and to let her know he picked up Chief Stew Heather Chase.

Since then, the couple have gotten more serious, with his girlfriend, Natalie Inada, moving from New York City to live with him. Earlier this year they also attended an engagement party together.

In the Below Deck season 9 reunion, Eddie shared that his girlfriend is from Brazil and half-Japanese. He also shared that she got her green card and that their relationship is going well. Unlike Eddie, Natalie doesn’t like the limelight, keeping her social media presence private.

Eddie Works As A Tugboat Operator & Influencer

It’s not as luxurious as working on superyachts, but someone’s got to do it.

Eddie continues to work full-time on tugboats as a first officer in Chesapeake Bay. He works two weeks on the boat, two weeks off the boat, helping bring in shipping boats in and out of the port. His new home is only 25 minutes away from his work, so he can get home quickly if he needs to.

Eddie also gets sponsorship deals to promote products on his 345,000 Instagram followers. He recently promoted Tabasco hot sauce and the Dockwa travel app.

Eddie has worked on tugboats over the past decade when he wasn’t working on superyachts with Captain Lee.

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