Aleks From Below Deck Season 1 Marries Girlfriend

Aleks from Below Deck season 1 got married to his longtime girlfriend at their wedding in Tacoma, Washington. Aleks and his fiancé Dalia said “I do” in front of family and friends, including other reality TV stars. Below Deck Med seasons 1 and 2 star Bobby Giancola and Big Brother all-star Memphis Garrett both attended Aleks and Dalia’s nuptials. It’s unclear if Memphis’s new wife and Big Brother co-star Christmas was also in attendance because she didn’t post anything about the wedding on Instagram. The Big Brother couple married in May of 2022.

Aleks From Below Deck Season 1 Married His Girlfriend With Reality TV Stars In Attendance

On Sept. 3, Bobby posted a picture of himself with Aleks, Memphis and a couple other guys with the caption: “Love is in the air for [Captain Aleks]. First of the group in town for the Taldykin Wedding!”

Aleks and his wife first met in the summer of 2019 and had a whirlwind romance. That fall they took a three-week trip Europe and Aleks proposed.

Aleks & Wife Dalia Got Engaged Very Quickly In Whirlwind Romance

Dalia’s sister Savanna Dakhil Caluori commented on their fast romance and congratulated the two when they got engaged.

“Only Dalia would go to California for a summer, find a reality tv show boyfriend, then go on a three week trip to Europe and get ENGAGED in Paris!!! Knowing how amazing my sister is, I’m not surprised Aleks wanted to lock it down as soon as he found her,” she said in her Instagram post. “She’s one you don’t want to let get away. Cheers to finding love and going after what you want. I have never seen my sister more happy. Therefore, I’m ecstatic! I love you more than words. My best friend is getting married!!!”

“The Taldykin wedding was far from traditional. Dalia and Aleks did things their own way and it was the perfect celebration that represented how fun and free spirited they are. We got the best new brother and my kids got the most amazing uncle. We love you @dolldakhil and @captaleks,” said the bride’s sister Savanna in a post on the wedding. “Sidenote, my sister looked absolutely stunning in the wedding dress her mother-in-law made her.”

Dalia keeps her Instagram private and Aleks hasn’t shared anything about the wedding on his IG either.

Although they got engaged quickly, the couple waited a few years, after the pandemic, to finally tie the knot. The wedding took place on the first weekend of September.

What Happened To Aleks After Below Deck Season 1

In Below Deck season 1 Aleks didn’t get along well with Captain Lee Rosbach. Aleks felt Captain Lee tried to undermine his authority, while Rosbach found his first officer too arrogant. Some Below Deck fans speculated that Captain Lee wanted to make Aleks look bad because he wanted to be the captain for future seasons.

After Below Deck season 1, Aleks continued to be a captain on superyachts. Aleks didn’t get invited back on the show. But that didn’t hurt his career. He’s now a superyacht broker making the big bucks selling gigantic boats. He also owns a superyacht management company called Elite Yacht Management, per his LinkedIn. It looks like Aleks met Bobby because they work at the same superyacht dealership selling big boats of the sea.

Fans can find out more about what happened to the Below Deck season 1 cast here.

Aleks From Below Deck Season 1 Marries Girlfriend In Seattle

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