BB 25: Who Won Pressure Cooker Competition & HOH

BB 25: Who Won Pressure Cooker Competition & HOH

Big Brother 25 brought back the pressure cooker competition to decide who would win the fourth HOH by having Big Brother 6, 7, and 22 star Kaysar Ridha introduce the competition. This season, the pressure cooker competition had a twist as it has the Scaryverse theme, meaning punishments were set up for some of the contestants eliminated and they had to compete in the pitch dark and cold. So, who won the pressure cooker competition and HOH on BB 25?

At 11:53 AM EST on Friday, August 25, Cameron Hardin won the BB 25 Pressure Cooker competition when America Lopez finally gave up pushing her button. It was only a few minutes from beating the previous record. Cameron is now the fourth HOH and The Professor alliance will be regretting backdooring one of their own in Hisam Goueli.

We’ll update when we find out what prize or punishment America received.

MiMi Mecole Hayes dropped out in third at 11:34 AM, almost making it the record of 14 hours from season 6’s Pressure Cooker competition. Mecole won a dinner for herself and three other houseguests.

Jag Bains, and Blue Kim dropped out after more than 12 hours into the competition that started at 10 PM EST on Thursday, August 24. That’s quite the feat when the rules stipulate there’s no sitting, no kneeling, but only squatting allowed. Furthermore, they can’t go to the bathroom. Some of the remaining houseguests look they really need to go badly, including Blue who keeps on dancing like she needs to go badly. The houseguests can move outside their boxes now though since over three people are eliminated already.

Cory Wurtenberger lasted over 12 hours before unfortunately letting go of his button due to exhaustion, going out in sixth.

The final six houseguests competing in the pressure cooker competition on BB 25

The final six houseguests competing in the pressure cooker competition on BB 25 (Pluto TV).

Eliminated players have to pick a card numbered one to ten. They pick them in chronological order after they drop out. The cards contain either something good or bad. Most houseguests who dropped out are waiting in the main living room area of the BB house for the other houseguests still competing. Matt Klotz said he peed for no reason after losing anyways. Jared Fields, mom Cirie Fields, Izzy Gleicher, and Bowie Jane, Felicia Cannon are all hanging out on the couches waiting to find out who will win. Red Utley went to bed after being up all night.

So far Bowie won a pressure cooker and Red won an home theatre entertainment system as prizes.

Punishments aren’t clear as of now.

Fans can still watch the pressure cooker competition because the night vision cameras live streaming it on Pluto TV and Paramount+.

The last pressure cooker competition lasted 14 hours, we’ll have to wait and see if the current competitors beat that record.

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