Captain Lee Reveals Favorite Charter Location On Below Deck

Captain Lee Reveals Favorite Charter Location On Below Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach keeps on sharing amazing facts and thoughts on his ten years working on the reality TV show Below Deck. On his latest episode of his podcast Salty With Captain Lee, the OG reality TV superyacht captain let fans know his favorite waters to set sail on the show after 10 seasons. Captain Lee revealed his favorite charter location of all time on Below Deck.

The ole Stud of the Sea may not be starring on Below Deck season 11, but that doesn’t mean he’s retired. Rosbach, age 74, is still kicking and isn’t slowing down at all in spite of Bravo not renewing his contract for the latest season. He still hits the gym for two hours every morning and is now hosting a new show looking at murders at sea, called Deadly Waters. Not only that, Captain Lee also co-hosted Bravo’s Couch Talk With Captain Lee And Kate, where he and his former Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain dish on the latest drama on Bravo shows.

On the show, since first filming back in 2011, Captain Lee led 10 different crews through ten charter seasons entertaining charter guests. Through the years, the crew traveled to many exotic and stunning tropical locales. The first season took place off the coast of Sint Martin in the Caribbean. Below Deck season 2 set sail in the British Virgin Islands. All but two seasons were set in the Caribbean, and those two happen to be Captain Lee’s two favorite charter locations.

Captain Lee Reveals Favorite Charter Location On Below Deck

“There’s two of them. One would be… I think it would have to be Tahiti, if I had to choose. But Thailand is up there, real, real close, it really is,” Captain Lee told his co-host and personal assistant Sam DeCavalcanti while answering a fan’s question about his favorite country’s waters he liked while working on on Below Deck. “Those are exotic, out-of-the-way places. I was surprised that Thailand was as crowded as it was, as far as the yachting community goes… And they had so many boats going to all the unique places. And they do everything in Thailand big… A statue of Buda takes up a whole island.”

Fans will recall Below Deck season 7 was filmed in Thailand, where the Bru Crew bullied Kate and were inappropiate towards the interior crew. Kate quit doing the show after that season.

“They have mini orchestras in [Thailand’s malls].Ten or twelve playing. And you look up, and the ceiling are like a 100-foot high with massive waterfalls. I went in that mall and I was just mesmerized,” Captain Lee added.

His co-host then tried to cut him off to ask another question. But Captain Lee remembered to also sing the praises of Below Deck season 6’s location, too, Tahiti, which is located in the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesian.

“Tahiti was just, Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about one particular harbor in Tahiti. And I’ve been to that harbor, and anchored in that harbor. And he was right, it’s that one particular harbor. And when we were there — we were the only boat there. And it was just so magical, like you’ve got all of this beauty all for yourself. No loom from the city, you can’t see any city lights. And when the sun goes down and stars come out, it looked like someone took a sugar bowl and dumped it out on a piece of black construction paper there were so many stars. Just, unbelievable, something kind of magical about that.

Captain Lee certainly sounds more animated when reminiscing about his prior time on Below Deck. He’s still open to reprising his role as captain, too, if Bravo ever wants him back.

The Salty podcast focuses primarily on Bravolebal drama. Captain Lee sound like he’d rather drag his “d*** through ten miles of broken whiskey bottles” than have to talk about narcissistic, plastic-surgery-up-the-wazoo reality TV stars.


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